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5 arrested in connection with death of teenager in Shizuoka lake


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An autopsy has indicated that Saito was drowned, with his body bearing multiple bruises.

Another bullying victims

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Terrible. Poor kid.

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The police are investigating the relationship between the five and the victim.

I'm gonna take a stab and say the relationship was "murderers and victim"

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How can these boys be so cruel?

6 ( +10 / -4 )

Indeed. Nature or nurture.?.

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Yike, seems this fine crew likely had growing criminal/gang aspirations, and something went south...

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From the local news, it seems that Saito went to these guys' place for the weekend, and neighbors said a big quarrel ensured when he messed with probably Horiguchi's bike. The news don't mention anything else about the group, but I speculate they were not really pursuing their PhDs...

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Maybe he showed some or too much of his kickboxing experience and that led to this for him deadly overreaction by the five attackers (or defenders?). Usually in this age group and their open conflicts one gets away still living, with some injuries, a bleeding nose , some haematomes , or at maximum a broken bone in extremities or a not life threatening knife wound and such.

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The group of 6 acquaintances went to a birthday party in Hamamatsu City on February 4th, where the victim purportedly knocked over a motorbike belonging to one of them; whether this action was accidental or deliberate is still unknown.

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Five absolute scum and no-hopers. I hope they all face lengthy jail time.

Rest in Peace to poor Ukawa.

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If a quarrel is enough to kill a person those guys are better off in jail however since they are teenagers the sentence may be reduced. However no matter how long the sentence is im almost sure they wont leave prison changed the chances are high theyll become even more angry.

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