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5 cats poisoned to death in Kanagawa area in past week


The carcasses of five cats that were poisoned to death have been found in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture since Nov 25, police said Tuesday.

On Nov 18, three of the cats were found on the bank of the Sagami River and one was found in a nearby car parking lot, Fuji TV reported. On Sunday, a fifth cat was found dead on a river bed about 300 meters south of where the first three animals were found.

Police said all five cats were strays and had been poisoned and that the person or persons responsible will face charges of violating the Animal Protection Law.

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hope the person/people who did that gets what he/she/they deserve!

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Another psycho on the loose...

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I like cats but not stray and feral cats. They can become pests and even dangerous carrying all sorts of bad stuff. There are just too many around and if the government won’t address the problem ticked off citizens will. This looks like the case. Not a psycho as their heads are still intact.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

Five stray cats? This person needs commending not condemning. He’s doing the job that local councils are not doing. Stray cats are a menace. They carry disease, kill any local and native wildlife they can catch and, on occasion, attack people. They are a huge problem in many parts of Japan and should be controlled.

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Truly someone who hates cats.

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murderers usual begin with cats & dogs and work their way up to human beings. hopefully, the killer will  be caught before they can poison any people.

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