5 men confess to dumping co-worker's body in company storehouse


Police in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, said Tuesday that five men turned themselves in, claiming to have dumped a co-worker's body in a storehouse.

The five men were arrested Monday on suspicion of unauthorized disposal of a corpse, after they informed police that the body of a 29-year-old man was lying in a storehouse belonging to their employer, Fuji TV reported. Police verified the group's testimony and recovered the body, which had been dumped two days earlier.

Police say a brief examination of the deceased revealed some swelling to his face, which they believe may be indicative of an injury. An autopsy will be conducted on Wednesday to establish the cause of the man's death.

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Beat to death and dumped perhaps?

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Who cares if they beat him to death or not, they disposed a corpse without authorization. Without authorization!

Jokes aside, for those new to Japan this is actually an effective tactic by police to arrest someone initially for a lesser crime so they can have everyone in custody as they build their case. They'll probably add the murder charge after forensics comes back and they've had a few days/weeks of interrogation.

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So where can i get those authorization forms? :p

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unauthorized disposal of a corpse

Can someone say stupid.

I think what should fit the bill here is "accomplice to a crime" or "accessory to a crime"

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Unless this group confesses to killing him the cops will have a hard time convicting them of murder, hence the 'unauthorized disposal of a body charge'.

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Oh that's easy. They're in custody without any communication and it's the prisoner's dilemma. You tell every single one of them their buddies ratted on him and if he doesn't confess he'll get a harsher sentence than the rest. Do this 10 hours a day for 21 days and all you need is one schmuck to believe you and that guy will do your job for you and tell you everything. That's the worst case. Best case, someone rats right away without you even trying.

The US did this all the time back before Miranda rights were upheld. Like many things in Japan,they didn't invent it just copied and improved it.

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Christ, this is where I live! Never thought one of these articles would happen in my backyard.

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isn't it dumb dumping a body in the warehouse of your employer?...unless your employer asked you to

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@ So what you're advocating here is not the rule of law but rather "guilty until proven innocent"?

Do this 10 hours a day for 21 days...

I applaud your ethics, Sir.

The US did this all the time back before Miranda rights were upheld.

So that Japan couldn't care less about human rights (yeah, that is ultimately what it is about) makes it a better place how exactly?

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