5 students arrested over death of classmate in Ibaraki


Two more students have been arrested over the death of a student in Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture, bringing the total number of arrests in the case to five, police said.

Three students were initially arrested on manslaughter charges over the death of their 17-year-old classmate Hiromi Onose last month. Sankei Shimbun reported Saturday that two more students from Naka City were arrested on Friday.

According to police, the boys punched Onose in the face and beat him about the head in the parking lot of a supermarket at around 2:40 a.m. on June 28. Onose died of his injuries on July 2.

After police arrested Onose's three classmates, one of them told police about the other two boys and their involvement in the assault.

The two students from Naka have told police they were there when Onose was being beaten, but insisted they didn't participate in the assault.

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The other two say they were there but did not participate. They participated in the death of this young boy by doing nothing. Even if they did not throw a punch.

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Let us see what the judge will give them ..!!

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Cue the "strong regret" performances, have your parents do it too, and you'll be free to go about your business.

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senseless death...parenting is key!

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Lock them up, all of them, for life.

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2:40am and these teens were loose running the streets? No teen should be out that late without a parent to watch them.

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The parents failed.

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@smithinjapan I disagree. Restorative justice methods give them a chance to dedicate themselves to trying to heal a small part and to contribute to changing their communities. The question is: how can communities change? If we are not changing for the better than what are we doing? Some of the worst in this situation need to be restrained for a time. But locking a whole group of young people for life is just a terrible waste of humanity. Especially when it could have been you or me in this situation had things been different in our lives.

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Here we go again, another senseless death all down to the bullying and group aspect of Japanese society. Why did non of the kids stepped in and said enough is enough....... any opinions folks?

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According to police, the boys punched Onose in the face and beat him about the head in the parking lot of a supermarket at around 2:40 a.m. on June 28. Onose died of his injuries on July 2.

And pray tell what were all these boys doing at a supermarket parking lot at 2:40AM? Where were the cops, who should have been patrolling the city at that hour?

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As usual, when I view these incidents that happen much too often in our host country, I look for not how, who, when, where and what, but WHY?

The media, sadly, has no time nor interest in exploring the why. That may probably be because the public is allowed to make their own judgements or that the media relies on the so called experts from Universities that do studies and have them give "opinions" which do not really address nor give solutions to the problems that may exist.

Don't you get tired of the experts and the media avoiding lawsuits and loss of credibility by playing on the public's view that point fingers at those supposedly should and could have been more responsible because of their "position" or "situation" in society?

The facts are that a child was killed by his peers. Unlike a suicide that also happen so regularly in similar situations and conditions, this was murder by a group of youths. WHY?

For every result, there must be a or many causes. WHAT ARE THEY?

Who or what group/s are addressing the WHY?

Could someone step up?

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