50 iPhone 5 handsets stolen from 2 Ibaraki stores


Police said Saturday that two cell phone stores in Ryugasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture, were robbed of 50 iPhone 5 handsets.

According to police, at around 6:30 a.m. Friday, a security firm alerted them that security sensors at the au and Softbank shops, located side by side, were reporting break-ins. Police arrived at the stores to find that the back doors of both properties had been forced open with crowbars.

The store operators said that 50 iPhone 5 handsets, worth a total of around 4.1 million yen had been stolen, TV Asahi reported. Police say that several individuals were caught on security cameras forcing open the back doors.

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smile you're on tv

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Smile your on FaceTime

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The iPhone isn't only the most popular with consumers but also with thieves.

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Good luck using the phones..Oh dont forget to try GPS :)

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The other smartphones? Ignored?...??...??...?? ...I guessed so.

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Probably Brazilian thieves stealing them to sell on the lucrative Brazilian market. my friend had his brand new iphone stolen in a bar by some dodgy Brazilians. He went to the toilet and when he returned the phone was gone from his bag along with the shifty aforementioned characters who were sitting nearby. Be careful in bars.

The iphone is the phone that thieves know salivating apple-ites will pay a premium for. Supply and demand.

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I had my iPhones, iPads and iPods all stolen too! One bloke was from the UK then another from Australia and the last from Canada and or New Zealand?? Can't trust these drunk English teachers in Roppongi anymore!

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I'm thinking they will probably be going somewhere closer, like China. Apple products do seem to increase the crime rate...

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