52-year-old man arrested over road rage incident


Gunma Prefectural Police have arrested a 52-year-old male driver for allegedly violating the Road Traffic Law in a road rage case.

According to police, the incident occurred along a prefectural road in Isesaki City on the evening of Oct 15, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said Shigeki Imaizumi was driving along a prefectural road when he approached a car in front of him that was driving slowly. 

Imaizumi then tailgated the driver for about 730 meters, continuously honking his horn. No one was injured in the incident.

Police said Imaizumi, who was arrested on Tuesday, has denied the charge and claims he doesn’t recall what happened. However, the incident was captured on the dashcam of the vehicle being tailgated.

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The video should help jog his memory. Hard to dispute that.

It would be nice if the cops and the courts would start taking road rage seriously.

Drivers with anger issues are not going to change unless the penalties, (revocation of driving privileges, significant monetary fines, or public humiliation) are severe enough.

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Another person with anger management issues.....

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I hope the slow poke is charged with obstructing traffic. People who want to drive slow, fine, but don't impose your sluggish lethargic driving on others who have places to be and things to do. Jamma Jamma!!!!

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 People who want to drive slow, fine, but don't impose your sluggish lethargic driving on others

Yeah, but that depends on how slow the guy was driving. This Imaizumi guy might've been speeding as many tailgaters and short-tempered fools are.

If a car is going really, really slowly then just pass the guy when it's safe. If you have any driving skills at all, this shouldn't be a problem.

has denied the charge and claims he doesn’t recall what happened.

They should get an automatic slap whenever they come up with this excuse. It's the third one I read today on this site.

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I’ve seen many road rage incidents in Japan. I’ve been tailgated and brake checked a few times. I had one idiot stop his car across two lanes, get out and was begging me to get out. He jumped back in his car and took off after I pointed at my dash cam. I took the footage to the cops and they just looked at me and said, “dakara nanda?” (So what?) They we’re not in the slightest but interested. I have no doubt they were not interested because I am a gaijin (foreigner).

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How fast was the other driver going? If he was going, for example, around 10 kmph on a national road, then the driver behind was right, and case would not be "road rage."

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Can you read Japanese? If so, read other JP news ... Driver was doing the speed limit.

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drive slow does not mean all time to drive safely.

if someone is driving too slow its dangerous as person behind wheel may have some health issues caused by body condition/headache,heart issues,feel unwell/or alocholo/drugs.or even mental issues.

in case if dont feel well i take a break from driving instead of driving too slow and halting traffic and possibly causing traffic jam.making people stressed and nervous around me.

to be part of traffic means that you are member of community need understand each other well.

in case of this story i dont see it as fault of hurry driver for 100% as we see no details why guy on front him drove slowly or did not give him a could be one lane road without possibility for passing?who knows.

anyway all of you drive carefully take care and respectful for each other.

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Stress lives within all of us, if you don't take active measures to release it in a controlled environment then it will find its own way out, only you won't get choose when or where.

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Japan is alot more stressful than many places with how society expects you to behave, what is expected of you at work etc... withthatsaid, Japan moreso than any other country needs to teach stress management to their ppl

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That's when you downshift without breaking.

Let that joker hit you from behind.

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Whenever I find someone driving slow in front of me without any way to overtake for a while I just lay back and relax a little bit. Ok I can finally drive a bit slower without pissing off the car behind me, besides in these few meters Im 100% I wont get any ticket neither be involved in a dangerous accident. Kind of a relaxing time in the middle of the day. It doesnt kill you, neither costs more than 5 min of your day.

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Angry Ojisama only

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The roads are not race tracks and cars are not weapons-don’t drive if unable to cope with the rules of the road!

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I hope the slow poke is charged with obstructing traffic. People who want to drive slow, fine, but don't impose your sluggish lethargic driving on others who have places to be and things to do. Jamma Jamma!!!!

"Danielsan", it sounds like you may feel as if this article is targeting you, and are trying to justify road rage.

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the fine will have to be 2-3 times more than the fine for forgetting your license (¥100,000?)

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'Traffic' is one of Mankind's most intricate 'dances' where, in groups, we perform relatively complicated movements which have 'rhythm', detailed choreography, and, most importantly, the expectation that everyone is dancing the same dance. An automatic 'feeling' of the pattern of the traffic around one is one of the most important senses we develop as we become experienced drivers. Like group dancers on a stage, when someone is 'out of step' with the general flow, it violates a certain sense of 'correctness' and induces a level of frustration even in those who otherwise voice 'goody-two-shoes' views in commenting on stories of this sort. And what it 'feels' like is that there is something 'wrong' with the noncompliant driver or, worse, they just don't care about those around them and insist on dancing their own dance.

With that said and having driven in Japan for a number of years mostly in Hiroshima-shi, I have found Japanese drivers in traffic to be some of the most aware, most co-ordinated and highly tuned in drivers of anywhere else I have driven even in my years of having driven extensively and, really, learning to drive in 'serious' traffic in Chicago as a Yellow cabdriver and, then, high end limousine chauffeur, during school.

The 'serious' driver, I believe, when becoming aware of someone behind them indicating they had a 'need' to pass and go faster would consider that, perhaps, there was a 'good' reason for that person to need to pass or even possibly an 'emergency'. But, in any case, just as a matter of good manners, as it seems to be in Europe, if it is possible to move over a bit to allow the other to go by NO ONE LOSES. In this case, there is serious doubt that any thought or possibility of possibly exigent circumstances entered into the mind of the complainant. Just sayin'...

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