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52-year-old man charged with killing 82-year-old mother


Police in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, have re-arrested a 52-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of fatally beating his mother at their home.

Police said Noboru Takahashi, who was initially arrested on suspicion of assaulting his mother, has admitted to the charge, Sankei Shimbun reported. He was quoted as saying he was stressed out from caring for his ailing mother.

Police said Takahashi beat his mother Shoko on the hips and buttocks in late February. Shoko was taken to hospital where she died of her injuries on March 4. The following day, Takahashi was arrested on suspicion of inflicting bodily injury on his mother. 

According to police reports, Takahashi began taking on the responsibility of caregiving for his mother in February 2019. At the time of the assault, Shoko was bedridden. 

Police said Takahashi told them: “I tried to get her to take her medicine, but she wouldn’t listen to me. I just got stressed out from being her only caregiver.”

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This is very sad and increasing problem Japan. As society gets older, it's going to get harder and harder to care for the aging population. I really feel for this guy.

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Society needs to react to these daily occurrences, but unfortunate Japanese can easily forget.

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@ mirai - You feel for this guy? He beat an old woman to death.

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I think we should compared how people used to take care of old people in the past and in different countries.

Asylums are not a nice option either. Should euthanasia of the old become legal?

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Yes I do...you put yourself in his shoes. He had sacrafice his own life to care for his aging mother for a year. Since she was bedridden, that means having to feed her, bathe her, possibly changing her diapers. The woman probably was suffering from dementia from the sounds of it, which makes the situation that much more difficult. All the wile, trying to have a life of his own and maintaining a job.

He probably got very little in terms of help, and probably went insane (in the literal sense of the word) in the process. If you don't feel for this guy, then you have no sense of compassion of empathy.

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