54-year-old doctor arrested for forcibly kissing junior high student


A 54-year-old doctor has been arrested for indecent assault after he allegedly forcibly kissed a junior high school student in Sapporo.

According to police, the incident took place on June 16. TV Asahi reported that the doctor, identified as Hisashi Yamaguchi, kissed the girl from his neighborhood at his house in Sapporo. Police said the girl had visited Yamaguchi's house with her friend and when she was alone with the doctor, he made advances toward her, police quoted the girl as saying.

Yamaguchi has denied the charge.

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As usual, not enough information in this piece. Why was the girl at the Doctor's house in the first place...?

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What a nasty old goat. This reminds me of the time that a 79-year-old student invited me over for a "home party." When I got there, I discovered that I was the only guest. He cornered me in his study and tried to kiss me. I'm a lot less trusting now, that's for sure.

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at least it was not in his office.. a mans home is no longer a safe place and 54 is not old..

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Ya, not enough info in this piece.

The situation it was told leads me to believe he has done this before. Japan is still operating on shame and public opinion, so it is less likely that previous victims will come forward as they might in the US. If he has been raping little girls, especially if he's been using his position and prestige, I hope they get him for it.

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Here is where my 16 year old daughter is NOT going: a 54 year old pervert's house...

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Very good, glad she had the courage to speak out, that is a good sign that things are improving. Hope he gets a good long sentence.

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I hope the interview his other patients, nurses and so in.

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She said he said who to believe???

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doctor can buy kiss 16 y/o need $$$ for her eye lashes and make up

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What were the girls doing at his home? how did he get to know them? Just wondering, usually these girls lead you into it they say things like"okii okii " okii ka hoshii, haita haita , knowing that you are hearing when you make the moves they go to the cops just to embarass you. Just yesterday at a music festival some 3 young girls drinking cocktails seemed excited to see me i chatted and asked them how old they were they told me they are high school girls they started flashing their breasts at me while sipping on their cocktails i had to make a quick retreat i know that if i didnt i would be in the news today.

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Here is where my 16 year old daughter is NOT going: a 54 year old pervert's house

According the article, the girl went to Doctor house. Doctor did not invite or force her to come. She may have health problem or want to black mail the Doctor for quick Yens. If the doctor want 15 years or 16 years old girlfriend, the mission is not impossible. I have never seen busy doctors chasing the young girls. There are always two sides of story.

Many Japanese teachers married their junior high school students when they grow up. That teachers are perverts too. They went beyond teacher student relationship.

It is hard to interpret the definition of Pervert. For example aging Rock star Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart are old enough to be grandpas. There are many young girls still adore them and willing to go into to their arms.

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I have a feeling a lot is missing from this story. Sounds like a poorly made B thriller movie.

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"Yamaguchi has denied the charge"

The girl could be lying! Who knows, really? Although I suspect the doctor is lying...

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Mirai Hayashi,

Here is where my 16 year old daughter is NOT going: a 54 year old pervert's house...

And how are you going to know that the person in the house is a pervert?

Do you suppose he would hang a shingle outside the door?

"Licensed Pervert: Anything considered. After 9 pm only."

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This needs a lot more investigation. As reported here, this is just a "he said/she said" kind of thing and I'm surprised they arrested him and released his name if they just had her say-so on the matter. As has been noted, she could be lying.

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Instead of assuming the girl 'got what she deserved' why not consider that maybe she was there for a perfectly legit reason? I used to go into neighbor's houses all the time when I was a kid. Helping someone out, bringing in groceries, delivering messages, or just plain saying hello. You can't blame her for not being psychotically paranoid about someone it's very likely she knew pretty well.

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girl wants money doctor said no. The rest is fabricated.

Be aware of HS girls, they are pros in conning people.

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If you are a man, try never put yourself in a situations where it could be a he/said, she/said situation... Whether the doctor is guilty or not, his reputation and life have been irreparably damaged.

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i wonder who tangoed whom...

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what actually happen here a doctor and a child is involve, the report should come after a proper investigation, such kind of short report create more misunderstanding,

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Yes! Let's all feel sorry for this doctor! What in the hell is he inviting neighborhood young girls over to his house?? 54 is not old?? ALOOHA!! Old enough to be sent off to jail for trying anything sexual with a minor, 16 year old girl is a minor in Japan and now this old dork has ruined his name, reputation! Good luck trying to be a doctor again up there in Hokkaido!

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Im amazed his name has been released when there is no evidence that the girl is not fabricating the whole thing. Guilty till proven innocent it seems.

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According to Japanese news, this doctor had a huge house/land and he opened up his property to neighborhood children, so there were always children inside of his property. It wasn't just this junior high girl but it was the place for children to hang out/play.

0 ( +0 / -0 )'s just two people's stories against one another. Sorry, in this case neither should be punished as there just isn't enough evidence.

Anyway, this guys a doctor in the neighbourhood, maybe the girl asked to see him with the intention of getting money? Maybe the doctor invited her in with the intention of -message deleted- around the -message deleted- in some undergarments.

Who knows? Such a question will remain a mystery...but for certain...this doctor's reputation is ruined whether he's guilty or innocent.

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Let's destroy the reputation of the doctor before all the facts are known.

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If you are a man, try never put yourself in a situations where it could be a he/said, she/said situation...

So you mean live a life of celibacy and never help a female of any age or open your it.

I think it important to note that there were two girls at his house, not one.

And even if guilty as sin, we are talking about a kiss. I will save my accusations of pervert for Roman Polanski.

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