54-year-old woman arrested for abandoning body of mother in Fukui


Police in Fukui City said Monday they have arrested a 54-year-old woman on suspicion of abandoning the body of her 81-year-old mother.

Police said Kaori Nakatani, who works as a nursery school teacher, has admitted to the charge. According to police, on Saturday, a neighbor of Reiko Nakatani ― who lived alone ― contacted a welfare center which had been providing support to her and said that Reiko had not been seen for some time.

A welfare center official and police visited Reiko’s home and found the body, which had no external signs of injury, police said. An autopsy revealed that the woman had been dead for two to three months.

Nakatani lived with her mother until February. Her father had died in January. She was quoted by police as saying she knew her mother had died.

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Pocketing the pension money again, lock her up

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It’s a strange mindset to try to understand. I’d guess she is another one “worn out from taking care of her ailing parents” and just walked away after her death. I don’t know how somebody could be so cold about the death of their parents. Obviously there is no love, but there is no respect either. This scenario repeats itself alarmingly regularly in Japan. A family just seems to be a duty in Japan. Parents and children never show any emotion towards each other. Have you ever seen Japanese families hug when they great each other. They just nod and head for the fridge. Extended families never meet either. I did a family tree exercise with junior high students the other week and many of them didn’t know how many cousins, aunts or uncles they had. Ask a kid how old their parents are or when their parents’ birthdays are and many cannot tell you. You’ll be lucky to find anybody who can tell you old their grandparents are and of course, nobody knows the grandparents’ birthday either, but they know how much money they will get for New Years. It’s a cold-hearted country with virtually no family values.

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Pocketing any pension may of happened, but it is not mentioned in the article.

Do the Hustle offers another explanation of cold heartiness which would also be a major factor.

Her father died in January and she moved out, then her mother died not long after. Maybe the expense and sadness of her father's death then her mother's was all too much for her so she just walked away and ignored it?

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