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56-year-old man arrested for abandoning body of father at home


Police in Saku, Nagano Prefecture, said Sunday they have arrested a 56-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of abandoning the body of his 92-year-old father.

According to police, Satoru Sakaguchi has admitted to the charge. He was quoted as saying his father, with whom he lived, died of natural causes at the end of March and he didn’t report it.

Welfare officials contacted Sakaguchi on Aug 23 after not hearing from his father. However, when Sakaguchi was vague about his father’s condition, the official contacted police who found the body on Saturday.

Police are investigating to find out if Sakaguchi continued to receive his fathers pension payments after his death.

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Of he kept receiving his father's pension, why the hell else would you live with your father's rotting corpse? Now when you get out of jail you have to go find a job you lazy slug.

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It should say of course. My phone has a mind of its own and thinks it knows better than me what I want to say

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How about helping the guy rather arresting him?

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Police are investigating to find out if Sakaguchi continued to receive his fathers pension payments after his death.

This happens very often in Japan. It is such a disgusting crime. Leave your parent, who raised you, to rot in the house while you collect their pension. What wonderful family values they have.

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Problem is kids don't know what to do, so immature.

And cost of funerals is so expensive.

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I bet he will claim he didn't know what to do when his father died. Seems to be the standard attempt at defending the indefensible.

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This problem will persist throughout the society for at least a decade to come, it will not suddenly fix itself either and the government needs to introduce proper supportive measures for people in the society. It is repugnant that the leading body refuses to admit and start fixing a large amount of internal problems.

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