57-year-old man arrested for killing 92-year-old father


Police in Date, Fukushima Prefecture, on Saturday arrested a 57-year-old man for killing his 92-year-old father.

According to police, they received a phone call at around 5:30 a.m. Saturday from a woman saying that her husband had killed his father. Police rushed to the scene and found Noboru Ogasaka lying on his bed, with blood coming from his chest. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The man's son, Yoshiharu Ogasaka, a bus driver, was charged with murder, police said, adding that there had been trouble between the two of them recently.

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I can't fathom how things could get so bad that murdering your own father (or anyone for that matter) would seem like the right choice.

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It feels like murder is on the rise in Japan or is it just me?

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If you don't like your father, don't talk to him, that is all. His fish brought you into this World, don't forget that

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Wow where is the family love in Japan? I am beginning to think there is no such thing as love your mother father sister or brother. Lately it has been daughter kills mother etc...

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Living together can become a hell for some people. Better to just move away as simple as that.

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It always could be a feat of mercy, though such"feats" become too generic for Japanese crime-appearance. Of course, it's not always of mercy but of psycological degeneration.

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This is a daily event here. When in Japan going to start addressing the issue of people having to look after their elderly parents when they have lives and jobs to deal with? It is horrible? Indeed but 57 and probably dealing with a cranky 92 year old father who doesn't to listen, plus a job and a family of his own, it isn't hard to understand how people snap under such stress. When is Japan going to get with the times and understand that children are not willing or able to care for elderly parents for decades on end?

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Sounds like what she's saying is that Japan is far behind other advanced nations in providing a social safety net for the elderly (which it is) and expects family members to take care of them. This is neither fair nor realistic, resulting in recurring violence, which is due, in part or in whole, to the tremendous pressure that lay people (family or otherwise) experience while caring for the terminally ill, senile, and/or just plain insufferable.

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Proximity, for better or worse, is the key factor in all relationships. Unfortunately, given the population density of Japan, it's hard to 'get away', so to speak, from people that stress us out.

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"It always could be a feat of mercy,..." @Daniel Come on, sir. How is stabbing someone to death "merciful" in any universe?! It's not. It's savage!

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A 59 year old man killed his 82 year old mother on the same day.

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