6,000 cryptocurrency laundering cases suspected in Jan-Oct period


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I thought one of the attractions of crypto was "security". Id rather have cold, hard fiat currency in my wallet

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There have been so many cases of fraud involving cryptocurrency I’m surprised anybody still uses it. I won’t even use PayPal.

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Crypto is still in its infancy, total market cap as I write $107,540,000,000.00, so a lot of people still have faith in the crypto industry. Crypto is challenging not only FIAT but the way money moves, and transacts in the global economy which by the way can be a man on a donkey in the middle of the jungle or desert in Africa with the tech we have today. Believe it or not FIAT has its limits, and crypto picks up where fiat falters its a matter of time before these issues become ironed out and crypto starts to become apart of the daily routine for the world. With smart phones and digital wallets its only a matter of time before we are truly a cashless society. Its called the evolution of money, from seashells and beads to precious metals, and then government promises and over printing to now I can carry all my wealth with me in a hard wallet.

Just letting you know those who stand and complain are missing the boat, copy and paste this post somewhere and look at it again in 10 years!

XRP will come out on top.

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