6 arrested over unauthorized stem cell therapy using cord blood


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Three to four million yen for a treatment not covered by health insurance-seems to be something of a racket.

The treatments most likely didn't make it through the clinic's accounting (how could they,being illegal) so the tax office was also at risk of being defrauded...,,

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That type of money will catch the attention of a lot of scammers.

I forsee the rise of an underground market for shady health and beauty clinics. Imagine, people selling fake cords blood, people obtaining illegally from vunerable mothers in bad situations, and people making lofty promises of cure-all.

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Stem cell treatment is the new black! I hear a lot of good things about stem cell injections. Of course, unfortunately it remains unclear if it's all true or not.

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this story reminds me of the scandal involving a very famous japanese cosmetic company a fews years back that used human collagen sourced in Africa. but being japan, everybody forgot about it.

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Another question I have is where are they getting this cord blood from? Are hospitals running a side-racket selling umbilical cord blood/placentas after they perform births? Do they ask permission from the mothers, or are they doing it all behind their backs?

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I kind wish this were a story of how they did it in the name of science and the treatments had helped people who couldn't get it otherwise, but alas it seems like another money-hungry grab by a company exploiting people and the law for profit.

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Did the Treatment work ?

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The true question is, did the treatment work or have any beneficial treatment to the patients who received the procedure? Unfortunately as the law stands on its hardheaded non practical ideologies, in court that evidence will never be considered. Beings its against the law, the scientific proof or evidence will never come into play as its against the law, they can't test it or run experiments as the law forbids it. Doctors and patience working together to fight to make improvements and actually test to see if this is applicable or not is needed but once again the law states, you can't do that! An agreement between two people, if and only if both parties have agreed to whatever is being done, I think the law has no right to step in and take action as it was mutual. Kind of like prostitution, I still can't understand how the law can forbid actions that are very human in nature. I can see how this might have been a ploy of just money for the doctors tricking patients as its not proven but thats at the risk of the patient looking for treatment. Such an odd story, people being arrested for trying to help or treat others, hummmmmm tons of money involved or not, this is immorally wrong to the doctors involved, unless it is just a scam! All of their research will now be discarded as long as the laws forbid these practices.

What solutions do people have when the laws want to create and run society like robots? This is worldwide not just Japan. How can new treatments ever come into implication if the laws forbid actual research? Its scientifically proven the placenta or afterbirth is full of immune boosting properties that can have tons of benefits for those in need. But instead they are packaged up and burnt daily. We all know animals eat the placenta after giving birth to boost the mothers depleted energy. So, could these laws against usage of the placenta be a suppression keeping the truth from people?

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