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6 members of 2 unrelated families found dead in suspected murder-suicide cases


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Kill yourselves if you must - but don't be gutless cowards and murder innocent children.

Rest in Peace to the poor kids.

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How many more children to be lost in such a preventable way.

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6 members of 2 unrelated families found dead

followed by:

In Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, three members of the same family

The article is confusing. So it is the same family, but they are unrelated? How does that work?

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Parents offing themselves and taking their kids, who didn't want to die,with them. Never understood that, leave alone the kids and off yourself in a quiet place if you want to step out of life

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Agree, headline needs an “s”, there were two unrelated murder-suicides, not one murder-suicide involving two unrelated families.

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Seems like Japan can find funds very quickly to have a 'state funeral' foe one of the elites,but at the same time do nothing at all for its people living on the breadline.

Even has I type this the government seems only interested in honouring a decisive former PM while not even acknowledging those who are really in need.

With more future revenues going to the military industry and not to people in need prepare to hear many more stories like this.

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Oi selfish-leave them kids alone!

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The headline was quite difficult to grasp on a first read, it gave me the impression of some kind of suicide pact between unrelated families, but the article is about two unrelated cases of murder suicide between family members.

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Very sad that they felt the need to kill their own children. Doesn’t Japan have a system set up for children who loose their parents?

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@The Nomad Question? Do you know these families and live in their homes? Do you know what the parents or children were experiencing? TRUE!! The kids didn't ask to be born so what makes you think they wanted to die or live? Do you know what was going on in the parents head, have you thought about the parents thinking that if they left their children how their lives would be with out them, maybe worse off mentally, physically and financially. Perhaps these family lives were already down and out. WE DON'T KNOW"! What we do know is there aren't many resources for people and the little there is you gotta fight to prove you need it. You wrote " Never understood that" perhaps there's your answer. There is no "quiet place to "off yourself" sooner or later you will be found.

Parents offing themselves and taking their kids, who didn't want to die,with them. Never understood that, leave alone the kids and off yourself in a quiet place if you want to step out of

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Whenever I read about these types of things, I always wish these *****s would just start with the suicide part first.

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Go to the root of the problem- Japan, the third richest country in the world, doesn't adequately look after its citizens ... and we know who has been in charge for the past seventy odd years, and who installed them to begin with.

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I have difficulty reading these stories.

There must be other ways than death.

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Should have been two separate articles maybe? Why roll them into one article? Very puzzling.

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It is not only the children that died, the poor mothers seem to have been murdered by their male family members too. Their lives mattered too. Men have a violence problem.

Sorry I couldn't find the section that specifically mentioned that it was the men that did the killing? I did see that the children where murdered in the car for all you or we know the mother did it but couldn't bring herself to end her own life? man came home saw the kids dead killed the mother then after everything is lost topped himself?

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