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6 suspects arrested for stealing watches from jewelry stores in Osaka


Police in Osaka have arrested six men and women on suspicion of stealing expensive watches from precious metals stores last year.

According to police, the group leader, Daichi Terakawa, 24, who is unemployed, and five accomplices stole the watches on two occasions last July and August, Sankei Shimbun reported.

As a diversionary tactic, some members pretended to be customers and kept store employees occupied, while other members of the gang smashed the showcase glass with a hammer and snatched the watches. The group then fled in a car and on a motorbike waiting for them outside the store.

The July robbery occurred at a store in Asahi Ward. Two high-end watches worth 3.2 million yen were taken. In the August heist, in Yodogawa Ward, the group stole three high-end watches approximately worth 3.6 million yen.

Police said the suspects were identified through analysis of surveillance camera footage.

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I guess if they are convicted, they'll do time.

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Deadbeats. For a pretty tiny profit each (selling the watches underground would be way less than retail), they will have permanent records, likely go to prison, and never get good jobs. Good on the cops for nabbing them.

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I don't think these guys were ever going to get good jobs regardless.

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If you can't do the time don't do the crime!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

The old smash and grab. That has never been tried before, huh! So, these six made off with 6.8 million yen worth of jewelry. That's about 1.1 million yen per person. They can watch time creep by slowly in the lockup while working on their next brilliant caper.

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How many people does it take the change a light bulb? come to mind in this story , they bought and read , Jewelry Robbing for Dummies book on Amazon Japan.

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If you can’t do the crime, then do the time.

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So, these six made off with 6.8 million yen worth of jewelry. That's about 1.1 million yen per person.

I suggest you spend less time watching movies if you think the money would have been evenly divided.

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For unemployed people that's a sizeable amount, regardless of how it's divied up.

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