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6 teens nabbed over 'papakatsu' robbery in Tokyo


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Letting yourself be timed by some children??..

Send them to a Yakuza to give them a good scare...

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Police said Thursday they have arrested six teenagers on suspicion of robbing a 30-year-old man in Tokyo in a case known in Japan as papakatsu, in which a man gives money or gifts to a young girl in exchange for a date.

30-year-old, never too young for be papakatsu

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The group of five boys and a girl, aged between 16 and 19, allegedly stole the man's car worth 1 million yen and forced him to buy earphones and clothes in exchange for not exposing him to the police.

These kids are on to something, give them enough time and the Yaks will be recruiting them. I feel that this is the crime that would help deter illicit relationships with minors. They seem like velociraptors going after large prey. Lock these kids up and place them in rehab. I bet this isn't their first rodeo.

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I'd say they were already most likely acquainted with the yakuza. These aren't innocent teens by any stretch of the imagination

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In June, House of Representatives member Takeru Yoshikawa resigned from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party after a magazine exposed that he dined and drank alcohol with an 18-year-old college student for 40,000 yen.

oh! end of the world!

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This sounds more like blackmail than papakatsu. Not sure the Yaks will appreciate the competition.

quote: a man gives money or gifts to a young girl in exchange for a date.

Basically, courting. After you get married, it becomes more expensive. When you divorce, the bill is phenomenal.

Need stress relief? Head for the adult sites on the net. No STDs, no financial expense, no blackmail and you get to keep your car.

Re: Takeru Yoshikawa (who presumably hasn't filled out a 'right to be forgotten' form yet).

40? By the time you are in your mid-20s, you should have had enough experience of teenage girls to want to avoid them for the rest of your life.

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Papapkatsu allegations can have a serious impact on a person's professional career.

Are you kidding? After a few of such ‘experiences’ no one voluntarily returns into the daily hamster wheel. You then can happily live with the rest of the big money or even leave the world with a smiling face and something to remember all the bimbo or envying people can’t take away from you.

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30-year-old, never too young for be papakatsu

Oh, someone is speaking from experience, very interesting! Bet you are no different.

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Technically almost every guy pays for sex one way or the other. Doesn’t look good for most women on a first date if the guy doesn’t wine and dine them. The guy in this article just sounds like a sad fool. It’s easy to meet girls online without having to hand out cash.

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I dated dozens of women from utilizing a famous Japanese Dating Web site and never PAID any of them for anything, pathetic dirty old man, even if he’s only 30.

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Pics or it never happened


I dated dozens of women from utilizing a famous Japanese Dating Web site and never PAID any of them for anything.

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Given that no one gives a flip what men do in Japan, let alone single men, the guys fear was probably one sided. Unless he’s some famous idol, which by the sound of it he ain’t, he had nothing to worry about.

heck the government member who was caught sugar daddying was told he couldn’t quit because of the scandal and suddenly the news stopped talking about it after a week.

going on a limb and saying he knew the girl was on the younger side and probably arranged to meet for more than a date and was more worried about that part of it… which once again the above. Judges here almost go out of their way to defend people with a job in cases of public shame.. sad as that is

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The girl has told the police that she thought they would get some money but she did not expect the car would be stolen.

Some girls are not that innocent

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Takeru can't draw a line between wrong and right, after the wrong doing of meeting the youngster that man would have done better to just forget the money and the car and just make an introspective of his conduct for a lesson from there on.

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I'd say it's more the adult's (30 years old man) fault

He should be convicted for his acts with a minor.

The kids outsmarted him and knew what he is doing was illegal so they took advantage of that and blackmailed him.

Regardless, those teenager acted like teenagers and the adult should be in serious trouble. But as expected, victim blaming and safety for the middle-age salary man.

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