64-year-old woman arrested for stabbing 59-year-old boyfriend


Police said Monday they have arrested a 64-year-old woman in connection with the murder of her 59-year-old partner in Seki, Gifu Prefecture.

According to police, Osamu Yamamura was found stabbed to death at his home last Saturday after his partner, Hideko Nagamine, called police to report the incident. Police said that Nagamine allegedly stabbed Yamamura to death between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., TBS reported.

During police questioning, Nagamine was quoted as saying that the stab wounds to Yamamura's chest were self-inflicted and denied the charges. Police say that records show Nagamine consulted police in October last year, claiming Yamamura attacked her when he was drunk.

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Boyfriend? More like "old geezer friend".

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Japan's population gets older! In ten years you will read no more "18 year old boy stabs 19 year old girlfriend" headlines! You will only find "89 year old man stabs 77 year old girlfriend"!

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Boyfriend? More like "old geezer friend".

Believe it or not wakarimasen old people have relationships and lives too, if you are lucky to live long enough you may find that out.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Mr. Spender, I have some sad news for you: there is no 10 yr waiting time, that is our reality right now!!!

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She should have confessed when she first reported the incident.

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Brings fresh meaning to the term "Cougar".

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**It's so sad unless it is proven she was defending herself. Too many people around the world are being killed for no reason except many enjoy killing others.

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They are TOO OLD to be just boyfriend and girlfriend, these 2 loosers should have some SHAME!!

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