68-year-old woman, 37-year-old son found stabbed on Kobe street


A 68-year-old woman and her 37-year-old son were found collapsed, bleeding from stab wounds, on a street in Kobe in Thursday night.

According to police, a passerby called 119 at around 9 p.m. and said a man and a woman were lying on the street in Kita Ward, Fuji TV reported. Police rushed to the scene and found the two, Moemi Kawasaki and her son Shuhei who live nearby. They were lying about three meters apart.

Police said Shuhei had been stabbed in the neck and his mother had several stab wounds in her back. They were taken to hospital where they remained in a serious condition on Friday.

A blood-stained knife was found on the street nearby, police said.

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I hope the police catch whoever is responsible as they were pretty fast to catch the acid attacker.

Hope the mother and son make a recovery too.

More and more stabbings occurring these days, just gotta watch your back - like literally!!!

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Thankfully they are still alive. I suspect the perpetrator will be arrested shortly, and will probably be known to the victims.

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Kobe again, huh. Good luck to the police for their investigations.

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I suspect the son may have stabbed his mother then himself but we will see in time.

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Knife attacks are becoming a worrying trend in Japan. What's going on out there??

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So @Mr.Kipling 5:58p, we agree “Japan is still relatively safe” and this may have just been ‘another’ in the rash of “inter-family” violence in the Japanese news lately?

“I suspect the son may have stabbed his mother then himself but we will see in time.”

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The crime was “Thurs around 9pm”. Certainly by now the NPA & media would warn the general public if they had a APB for a suspect ?

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Seems *likely *@Ah_so 5:33p:

“…suspect the perpetrator will probably be known to the victims.

Appears it is family, ‘common-law’ relations & ‘acquaintances’ who people really have to worry about in Japan as of late:

“68-yr-old man arrested over death of woman he lived with” Sep. 2, 2021  

“Man killed 92-yr-old woman he knew, stealing ¥ from her” Sep. 1, ‘21

“27-yr-old man arrested over sister's death in Kawasaki” - Sep. 1, ‘21

“Couple arrested after mudering 18-yr-old girl” - Aug. 31, ‘21

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If you want to kill your mother and then yourself, you wouldn't do it in public. There is probably a 3rd party at play. But a stab wound to the neck and still alive? Wow.

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No witnesses to the attack?

Mother stabbed in back?

Son in the neck?

Knife found at the scene?

Forensics will be easily able to tell if the neck wounds are self inflicted.

Why would the attacker leave the knife?

Watch this space....

Son going down!

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Kita ward is northern Kobe and generally extremely local area with lots of nature. Don’t imagine it’s the city more villagie suberbs, FYI.

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"A blood-stained knife was found on the street nearby, police said."

Sounds to me as if the son stabbed his mother in the back and then stabbed himself in the neck.

Sometimes your children are your worst enemies ....

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What is happening in Japan these days?

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