69-year-old woman arrested over death of ailing husband


Police in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, said Tuesday they have arrested a 69-year-old woman on suspicion of killing her ailing 74-year-old husband.

According to police, Mitsuko Chiba has admitted to strangling her husband Masatoshi at their home at around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Fuji TV reported. Police quoted her as saying she was worn out from looking after him.

Police said Chiba called a relative at around 7:40 a.m. Monday and said she had killed her husband. The relative called police.

Chiba's husband had suffered from a chronic disease for a number of years, police said, without elaborating.

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Murdering witch. She was worn out, was she? Poor little dear. And what of her husband? Hope she goes away for a long time

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Rewind, change names, places and dates, repeat scenario. Being a full time carer of an ailing elderly person with no support or escape is a very difficult situation. I'm wondering how long Vince Black could put up with it until he cracked.

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Home help is available as are daycare centers and homes for the aged.

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Having passed the age of 69, I can say that to kill someone is equally difficult at any age.

Age has very little to do with this, except that it must have weighed on her mind, and she probably feared that she would not have the physical strength to do it in later years. My wife constantly looks forward like this.

Perhaps they had not been able to pay into the government's old-age nursing scheme. (?)

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zichi - Home help is available as are daycare centers and homes for the aged

Unfortunately, they are only for those who can afford them. There is no way the average retiree can afford them on their pittance pension.

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There is no mention in the post on the finances of this couple. I know people who are home care workers, others who make bento boxes for old people and deliver them. The charges are small. Retired people also in need of welfare can use services too. We pay into the old-age nursing scheme which is compulsory unless you have reason to be excused.

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I pay my Kaigo and also have a home care card and can get help if I ever need it. Zichi-san is correct.

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Hope you're not advocating for murdering your elderly s/o under the the circumstances. That is in fact illegal in Japan and could get you deported. :)

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No sympathies from me whatsoever.

Murdering someone is never an option.

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Dear Japan,

Please fix the problems the Yutori generation Japanese people because this has a been a problem ever since the 2018 record high child abuse case

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