7,600 Japanese Facebook accounts stolen in suspected scam


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I received several of these "must watch" videos, but removed them. The scam was pretty obvious. Just don't open anything in email or attachments in Messenger etc., unless you know who it's from and are expecting it.

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Could someone please steal Facebook.

And instagram & Twitter & every other SNS.

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Two-factor authentication is literally a must nowadays.

I'd go as far as using a password manager to manage and long scrambled unique passwords through said password manager..

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And that is probably half the number of accounts Facebook itself deleted for moderators not agreeing with the member's content.

I wouldn't have minded having my account hacked like this so much. At least I could still log in. Everyday treatment by Facebook moderators is far worse!

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I'd go as far as using a password manager to manage and long scrambled unique passwords through said password manager.

Everybody should do this. No need to remember passwords, and if you land on a spoof site the password manager will not input the password.

That said, never use browser based password savers (such as on Chrome).

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facebook.who needs that these days?who needs that open censorship?

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That's really shameful practice and plain cowardice. It just ruins what is a great tool for people to communicate quicker and conveniently. These low lives are nuisance to us all.

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I have been getting fake PayPal mail lately from unknown sources telling me there are security issues with my account and access will be limited, then it asks me to log into my account with a link attached to the mail to resolve the issues. It looks so real with PayPal logo, BE WARE EVERYONE if you get this, DO NOT LOG INTO it.

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