7 injured after 85-year-old driver hits pedestrians in Tokyo


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Not sure giving someone a license at the age is wise. I hope when I am 85 I am still able to walk let alone drive.

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That crossing outside the Tokyu store is always very busy, especially on weekends.

I blame automatics for this mixup of pedals, would never happen with a manual transmission.

Hope everybody recovers soon.

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These incidents will only increase as the aging population explodes!

11 ( +14 / -3 )

Was the Bus driver arrested for ramming the car which careered into the pedestrians, (ahh never mind ) yeah blame the old boy and hang him out to dry before a kangaroo court

-5 ( +6 / -11 )

Looks like a Prius, those things don’t even make noise!

7 ( +8 / -1 )

@Cosmos! there is a thing called a brake and going by what ive seen on TV he didn't use it at yeah he probably is going to be hang out to dry in your so called kangaroo court.

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Manuals can make it worse, I have seen people go for the clutch instead of the brake, reality is the guy should be off the road for good now.

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Glad no one was hurt. It's a shame it takes these kinds of accidents and the "inability to recall clearly" for these old fellas to realize they should probably be giving up the license by now.

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Can't wait for autonomous cars that can safely navigate a city environment. It'll be safer for old people to travel by car.

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Age affects everyone different - my 89 year old mom drives fine. My mother-in-law is ten years younger and her driving terrifies me.

This accident may have been the bus driver’s fault. The older driver’s experience could have been the reason there were no fatalities.

We lack full context of this event.

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Auto control changed information to context

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Auto correct

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

there really needs to be a law banning anyone over 80 years old from driving in this country. or at the very least there needs to be an example made of these people. let him spend the rest of his days in prison as a warning to the rest of them

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When my dad was 93 they renewed his NY State drivers license for another five year term. He had it just a couple weeks past his 94th birthday and literally drove himself to the local hospital a 20 min ride away, where he passed not too long thereafter. He’d have been 100 this year. Glad he never had his freedom taken away from him.

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I can't believe all these people calling for bans on elderly drivers. Yeah, this old fella is 85 and made a mistake. Every time an elderly driver is involved in an accident people call for banning them from driving and the cops set even more strict limitations on licences for the elderly. Elderly drivers only account for 10% of fatal accidents. What are the cops doing bout the other 90% of ratbag drivers that cause fatal accidents?

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Disillusioned - younger drivers make stupid choices behind the wheel. Theres no controlling that.

But letting an 85 year-old behind the wheel when their ability to think straight and make necessary quick decisions is much worse? That can be controlled.

Take away the privilege at 80.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

@clamenza - younger drivers make stupid choices behind the wheel. Theres no controlling that.

> But letting an 85 year-old behind the wheel when their ability to think straight and make necessary quick decisions is much worse? That can be controlled.

Of course you realise these two statements are the same as each other. You know that, don't you? The are not contradictory, as you have presented them. You state that elderly driver's actions can be controlled, but not those of young drivers. If younger drivers do stupid things, this means they should also have the same restrictions and cognitive testing as the elderly drivers, does it not? Elderly drivers only account for 10% of road fatalities and less than 20% of all road accidents. There are far worse dangers on Japanese roads than the elderly drivers.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Disillusioned - maybe I should make myself clear, I thought it was obvious.

The law controls who is awarded a drivers license and who isn't. Take away the privilege at 80.

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Some areas of Tokyo are so crowded that allowing free access for private cars seems too much.

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I think that at a certain upper age, drivers licenses should be renewed every year with greater emphasize on hand eye coordination, mental capacity and vision. Too make it more convenient, they could also give priority to seniors or their own specific department at the DMV.

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Very old people should only be allowed to drive in the countryside. There are free passes for public transport in cities, they use them or ride a bicycle.

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elderly over a certain age need to take yearly health checks in order to keep their licences, refusal automatic disqualification, pass then naturally they can keep driving. Had as old person just a couple days ago crash into a building up the rd from us, didnt stop at a T section and went straight ahead. same place dozens of kids walk to and from school everyday

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Older people should be able to drive if they are still physically and mentally capable.

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Cosmo1 "According to the police, the car collided with a bus" not the other way around, thats why the bus driver didn't get nicked

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Human error again. With autonomous cars that risk will be removed, it can’t quick enough

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Older people should be able to drive if they are still physically and mentally capable.

Tell that to the 7 people (including a 2 year old child) who are in hospital

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

I might be wrong, but that looks like the latest model Prius. If it is, Toyota advertises the car as having pre-collision braking. None of those systems will be perfect, of course, but it would be interested to know if the car had a system and whether it mitigated this accident. I seem to remember the advert for the car specifically addressing the issue of stopping a collision with a wall when the driver has mistaken the pedals.

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A lot of gawkers. You've got to wonder, don't these people have better things to do in their lives? If I was there, I'd be tempted to give chairs to some of these older folks. Standing for ages must be bad for the legs.

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When my father had is licence taken away when he was in his mid-80s, he was quite indignant - "I've never even had an accident." And that's the challenge of dealing with aging drivers. The same loss of mental function that impairs their driving ability, also impairs their ability to judge whether they're capable drivers.

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