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7 injured after taxi veers into street music event in Nagoya


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And he switched to R to go reverse and cannot remember. Just crazy old grandpa.

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Then backed up? Come on time to retire

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Too many of these old taxi drivers are well passed the age of proper judgement. At 75 he would have very poor night vision, just for starters. Then, these oldies are driving 8-10 hour shifts. Many of them are old smokers and drinkers as well. This guy could have had a mild stroke.

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I hope they gave him a breathalyzer test. "I can't remember" is standard defense when someone has been drinking. But, of course, he can't say that because he was driving.

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This guy is supposed to be retired and living on his retirement but he can't be he probably is on kokumin nenkin and the meagre 69,000yen is way too small to live on.

Don't be fooled that this guy had to work because of labor shortage.

This is the plight of many senior citizens on kokumin nenkin.

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Where were the barriers? Even portable tripod-mounted bars being crashed into would have warned the crowd. And, obviously, the old man should NOT be driving a cab.

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Well pasty retirement age-is this to be the norm for the people of Japan?

Work until death or injury?

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Appalling. I can’t remember is no defense.

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Seriously? Wake up Japan. The elderly on the roads are by far the most deadly thing in the country

75years old and driving a taxi? Despicable

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Well even YOUNG drivers world wide have accidents, Some purposely drive into crowds of people to hurt, kill or maim.  So this may have just been an accident regardless of the age of the driver. I don't think age had anything to do with this accident, Now some drivers young & older have vision issues when it comes to driving at night. Was his vision the problem ???

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The taxi driver, Katsuhiro Komori, was arrested and told the police that he does not remember what happened, according to the police.

Even more the reason to call it quits their pal. If you don't remember hitting multiple people, your mind might be going.

A co-worker of Komori said he had never heard of Komori causing an accident and that the veteran driver did not have any problems at work.

As for your co-worker, well he also seems delusional. Time for this dispatch company to pack it up and call it a day. What was their name again?

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This morning in Osaka I was riding my bike and a taxi cuts me off trying to pick up a ride. He parked at 45 degree angle and I couldn't pass him on his left because there was no room. I then went behind him to try to pass him on his right and right when I am directly behind him he starts backing up. I scream to tell him I was there. He starts talking with the guy he trying to pick up. The guy the seeing the drivers erratic driving refuses to get in. The diver must have been over 80 years old.

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At his age, he should have been retired and enjoying life with his family or garden.

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