71-year-old man arrested after setting fire to car with 40-year-old son in it


Police in Wakayama City said Monday they have arrested a 71-year-old man for attempted murder after he set fire to a car with his 40-year-old son in it.

According to police, the incident occurred on Sunday night. TV Asahi reported that police received a call at around 10 p.m. about a car burning. Police and firefighters arrived at the scene to find a car engulfed in flames on the road next to the house from where the call had been placed.

Upon entering the house, police found a man, identified as Akihiro Kusaka, with burns all over his body. He was taken to hospital and was in a stable condition Monday,

Police quoted him as saying, "My father set the car on fire with me in it," TV Asahi reported.

Akihiro's father, Noriaki Kusaka, was arrested at his home approximately one kilometer away from where the burning car was found. Police said he has admitted to the crime and wanted to kill his son.

Local media reported that Kusaka had been living together with his son. On Sunday night, Akihiro had gone to have dinner with his mother (Kusaka's ex-wife). As he was getting back into the car to go home, his father poured inflammable liquid over the car and then ignited it with a lighter. Kusaka then walked back to his home where police picked him up later.

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Makes me appreciate my own Pops with all his faults,,, never tried to incinerate me,,,

Yes, let us all hold hands and take a moment of silence to appreciate the fact that our fathers never tried to set us on fire.

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The father will likely be charged with attempted murder. Unfortunately he was either depressed or acutely psychotic or something else is cooking. I hope his son recovers from his burns soon.

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He's old. The judge will do nothing but call it a "family problem."

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It is a family problem. slap on the wrist and no more.

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I really doubt the father will only be a snob the wrist this guy try to burn his son alive nobody wants to have a nut case like this out in our society!! This old crazy guy needs to be arrested and Behind bars for long long time!!!

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It's regrettable that the son got burns all over his body. That being said, it's possible that this son was a real pain in the neck...

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If you have ever been down to Wakayama you'll have some idea of why these type of events happen...,

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71-year-old man arrested after setting fire to car with 40-year-old son in it

Survey says........Drunk!

Mixing anger with booze is a dangerous combo.

People will kill other people with just about anything you can think of.

Flammable liquids don't kill (try to kill) people, people kill people.

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Sir, It is shocking

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What the hell IS wrong with some people?


I was a huge pain to my dad and he NEVER tried to set me alight....

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Remember not all old people are weak and willing. Some of them are actually dangerous.

I am glad that the son escaped alive. it must have been terrifying. Burning to death is a horrible way to go. There is considerable trauma from such a horrible event. I hope that he can heal and get whatever physical and emotional treatment that he may need. Like a soldier, he could suffer from PTSD.

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family feud

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