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72-year-old man arrested for calling police station 1,700 times over 8 days


Police in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, have arrested a 72-year-old man on suspicion of obstructing police in the performance of their duties after he called a police station 1,700 times over eight days.

Police said suspect made the calls between Jan 22 and Jan 29, using the landline at his home, Sankei Shimbun reported. When someone answered, he spoke incoherently and then hung up.

Police said the man has admitted to making the calls and quoted him as saying “I’m not a bad person.”

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1700 calls / 8 days / 24 hours = that's a call roughly every nine minutes.

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Maybe he has dementia

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Maybe he wanted a police officer to come to his house. The article doesn’t mention if one ever did...until they arrested him.

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If they haven't already, the police should've visited him from the start in case there's indeed something bad happened

If there's nothing bad happened, then they should warn him that it's a crime what he's doing, and that the next time he does it, he would be arrested

That should've nipped it in the bud, instead of stretching for 8 days and 1,700 calls

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Maybe he has dementia

That seems a very likely possibility or even a stroke.

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My wife once accidentally dialled 110 and then had to explain to the police that it was a mistake and she was very sorry. They questioned her at length to be sure she was OK. One minute later they called her back and she had to explain again it was a mistake and that she really was OK. She was complaining but I thought that they did the right thing and said so which meant that I somehow got the blame for the whole thing.

A bit like last night; we went out to eat at a local restaurant which we have used for years and the mama is the best source of local news. Anyway, after the meal during which we caught up with all the local gossip we decided to leave so I paid the bill and headed for the door followed by my wife who then decided she needed to go back and check something else with mama. This took ten minutes or so and on the way out I mentioned jokingly that Mori was right. She started speaking to me again this morning.

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When someone answered, he spoke incoherently and then hung up.

One question popped up my head - Maybe after two, 10 or 20 calls, why no one actually came to check what is going on? It could have been someone who was pranking the line and in such case, someone else who actually needed help couldn't reach them? How come they let it reach the number 1700? If someone spoke incoherently and I've got more than two calls, I'd start to wonder a bit.

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sensei258 - Maybe he has dementia


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Chances were the he had been feeling very lonely for a long time. And police was only partner he could talk to by making a phone call. Nevertheless, 1,700 times over 8 days was too many.

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Perhaps he has something (a past crime or information) he wants to get off his chest but is too nervous to get it out.

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After calling a few times, they didn't check up on him? Wow.

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Wow. Call 119 once and they trace the call and send the police. Call the police 1700 times and they might visit your home.

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1,700 times over 8 days

Wow, that is one busy guy. He deserves a few days in a cell without a cellphone to cool off.

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IF the police were able to answer his calls of 1700 calls over 8 days, then that clearly explains why they don't give SPEEDING, Intentional running RED lights, NO TURN SIGNALs, improper lane changes and yes the Parking in NO PARKING areas that are clearly marked, including those that don't know how to use their "blinking lights" if parking temporarily for dropping or picking up. Way too much time on both sides of the table.

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