72-year-old woman arrested for strangling 73-year-old husband


Police in Miyoshi, Aichi Prefecture, said Sunday they have arrested a 72-old woman on suspicion of murdering her 73-year-old husband at their home.

According to police, the suspect, Natsuko Sasano, has admitted to strangling her husband Joichi who suffered from dementia, at around 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Fuji TV reported. The couple's second-oldest son discovered the body of his father lying on a futon and called police.

The son told police his mother had been under a strain from taking care of her husband.

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Very sad story but it wont be last time time this year we will hear this type of sadness, id bet. RIP old boy.

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I hope they let the old girl go. Not her fault there is hardly any care for the elderly homes in Japan,

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Apparently murder is okay if you have an excuse

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"Natsuko Sasano, has admitted to strangling her husband"

Well done to the son for reporting it, and NOT stuffing the body in a cupboard!!

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what a calamity.RIP oldman

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This is a tragedy for both of them. Where was the help for her?

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Wow tough situation for the wife, she may have spent most of her years taking care of the son and the salary man it's a tough job! For all we know she probably could have killed him out of the fact that even though she loved him so much she just couldn't go on much longer seeing him very different from their wonder years. Those faded memories had become nightmares may he rest in peace and I hope she can find some comfort if she ended his life as we read it.

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I hope my wife kills me when I lose the plot., an ultimate kindness really.

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IfeelImust: I hope my wife kills me when I lose the plot., an ultimate kindness really.

Wouldn't rental of some kind of pod (a la The Matrix), playing your favorite series on VR, feeding your choice of pap, gently washing your behind on occasion, be better?

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

tubostat, It wasn't me that thumbed you down but in answer to your question, no.

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I'd much rather a nice pod than the standard (or standardly substandard) nursing home! :)

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