74-year-old woman with dementia killed in hit-and-run


A 74-year-old woman who suffered from dementia was killed in a hit-and-run incident in Tokyo, police said Monday.

Police said the woman, Teruko Shiozaki, had left a day service home by herself at around 5 p.m. Sunday but never returned to her own residence, Sankei Shimbun reported. Her body was found by the side of Ring Road No. 7 in Ota Ward at around 3 a.m. Monday.

Police believe Shiozaki wandered around for several hours before being hit from behind. She was declared dead at the scene, police said, adding her injuries were consistent with being struck by a car.

Police said they are examining street surveillance camera footage to try and identify the vehicle that hit her.

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The poor driver has to live with this now. A 75 year old dementia patient wandering around unsupervised and unrestrained it’s an accident waiting to happen.

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The poor driver has to live with this now. 

What about the poor lady who was hit and left for dead on the side of the road? This is tragic for both parties, but why empathize only with the driver who couldn't even be bothered to stop and see what he had hit? The accident is forgivable, but leaving the woman there to die is definitely not.

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A sad situation. The driver should have a least stopped and check. You also have to wonder why the day service allow a woman with dementia to walk home alone!

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IMO the way many rude JNs drive here etc, a person can get tore up, easily. I've seen huge trucks run red lights, Taxi drivers speeding down neighborhood streets, and people crossing the street almost getting clipped by anxious drivers making a turn where the pedestrian clearly has the green man signal to walk. There was a scooter roaring down the street , and lost control, and took out 3 people like bowling pins. Not to mention the recent: (8 injured after car, motorbike collide in Yokohama; car driver arrested) Commuting is not a wlk in the park anymore these days.

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"A 74-year-old woman body was found by the side of Ring Road"

What a way to go out. Being old in Japan, can be treacherous.

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With CCTV everywhere, I hope they catch the sociopath SCUM who left this poor woman for dead. A normal person would have stopped, called an ambulance and done all they could. This person has no value for life, and has forfeited their right to live in society.

RIP to the poor woman.

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When driving in japan everyday, my biggest fear is dementia people.

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Teruko Shiozaki, had left a day service home by herself at around 5 p.m. Sunday but never returned to her own residence.

The woman with dementia went out alone? It was dangerous. Rest in peace.

Switching gears: As I'm also an old guy, having dementia is not someone else's problem. Hope entering my password every time here and giving a comment or two will help prevent dementia.

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"A 74-year-old woman who suffered from dementia"

I once saw an elderly J-woman, on the side of the road in Tokyo, cooking and opening and closing cabinets, but there was nothing there, she also looked like she was cooking something on a stove, but yet there was nothing there; dementia aint no joke:(

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We don't have enough facts yet to place full blame on a driver for the hit-and-run. On a dark road, if she was clipped by the corner of a large vehicle or an extended mirror, the driver might not even have noticed and continued on his way. The bump gets chalked up to irregularities in the road surface.

Not every pedestrian is hit Hollywood-style with smashed hoods and windshields, or run over with all four tires, that leaves no doubt about the collision.

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What a way to go out. Being old in Japan, can be treacherous.

Being old anywhere can be treacherous. Best to stay in shape physically and mentally as much as possible, but we can only control so much.

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