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75 iPhone 5 handsets stolen from SoftBank stores in Chiba


Police said Tuesday that 75 iPhone 5 handsets were stolen from two SoftBank stores in Chiba Prefecture.

According to police, the first robbery occurred at about 2:50 a.m. Monday morning at a store in Mobara. Police said the glass door was smashed and 65 handsets stolen, TV Asahi reported. About one hour later, another SoftBank store was hit, this time in Sammu, which is about 20 kilometers from the Mobara store. Ten handsets were stolen from the Sammu store, police said.

The value of the stolen smartphones was about 4.4 million yen, police said.

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For all those who are dissing iPhones, we can see what even thieves know--real value.

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These will appear on Yahoo Auctions and Craigslist soon enough. Be wary of cheap iPhones on the net.

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Too bad the iphone 5 does not have built in automatic ID number system with GPS that is tamper proof. If the new user activates the stolen phone, the ID number can be traced, and the authorities can confiscate the phone.

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*"Police managed to easily catch the thieves after their get-away was botched. According to reports, the suspects became totally disoriented and confused immediately after the heist as they tried to locate their safe house.

" iMaps said our hideaway in Ichikawa was actually a fountain in a public square in Busan in Korea," police quoted one of the baffled suspects as saying. (Warning: joke)

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would anyone steal a Samsung phone? lol

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Isn't it the 3rd case this month? iPhones are really sought after.

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would anyone steal a Samsung phone?

Actually, for Galaxy, yes, all the time, especially in 2nd-3rd world countries, but in our 1st world countries too:



Basically anything that's valuable will be sought-after by criminals.

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And soon the loss of revenue will be passed along to we customers!

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And soon the loss of revenue will be passed along to we customers!

Apple and its carriers earn too much from the iPhones that they can cover such thefts easily.

Or if ya look at it this way, it's already been passed along to you's all this time.

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w00h00!...got one

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why the author of this piece not referenced the iphone 5 robbery in Osaka? I think they are all related. Not fair to us by omitting such important info

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