77-year-old man arrested for stalking woman, 42


Police in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture, have arrested a 77-year-old man on charges of stalking a 42-year-old woman.

According to police, the suspect, Sueyoshi Oyama, and the woman first met in an izakaya (Japanese pub) last August and had dinner a few times together after that, Sankei Shimbun reported. However, the woman told Oyama in November she wasn't interested in having a relationship with him and that she wanted to stop seeing him.

Police said that on March 11, Oyama showed up at the woman's home with a gift and asked to be let him, but she refused. On March 16, he called the woman again, asking to speak with her and when she she said no, he allegedly threatened her.

Police said Oyama, who was arrested on Saturday, has admitted to calling the woman and showing up at her apartment with a gift, but denied that he threatened or stalked her.

Police said the woman had consulted them last November after she told Oyama she didn't want to continue their friendship, expressing concern about how he might react.

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Sounds like he really doesn't know when to give up. Forcing the reluctant woman to date was the last thing he should have done.

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What a jerk!

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At 77 he should really be stalking out a good "adult nursing home"!

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my old buddy get 20,000 yen and go to the local red light district. you can get much younger than 40's,,,

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The problem with a lot of Japanese men is that they think that if they decide the woman's heart should be theirs then it is, without actually making any effort to win it, apart from monetary gifts. Quite simply, they lack the element of romance.

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Dirty old man!

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She consulted police last Nov. At that point, police should arrest him.

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Hmmmm...... not like we have the definitive story here. Plus maybe he wants companionship more than sex. so not a dirty old man and red light district not what he is focused on. Popping by once with a gift scarcely constitutes stalking.

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@ Wakarimasen,

" Popping by once with a gift scarcely constitutes stalking." I beg to differ, if the calls to her home where unwanted this persistent pursuing is the very definition of stalking.

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She should have told him not to let his mind make appointments his body can't keep.

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You're (compensated?) dating a guy old enough to be your father? Where were her complaints while accepting the free meals and gifts before she realized she had hooked a loser?

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Police in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture, have arrested a 77-year-old man on charges of stalking a 42-year-old woman.

Dude, there's 35 years difference between you two.

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Veejay - nice point, and the case is the same with men all around the world. Work for that love! Or just make a ton of money and the "love" will come to you, like mosquitoes to the light.

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She used him to wine and dine her until she got tired of him. Selfish.

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Ok, anyone who has ever went to an Izakaya knows that this is something that is quite common. In most cases it’s a hostess that accepts an older gentlemen's invitation to dinner. This will ensure the gent will return to the pub and spend his money as expected by the hostess. Not sure if that's this person's line of business, but it seems the same to me. The older gentleman obviously received the wrong signals and believes his investment in time and money wasted. Therefore stalking (or alleged) becomes the next phase. Hopefully the only thing comes out of this is a broken heart that will heal soon.

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IME, Izakaya/Pubs don't employ or use Hostesses.

Hope this ends well for all parties concerned.

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Izakaya/Pubs don't employ or use Hostesses.

But the hostesses will use them as an initial meeting place, then convince their boyfriend/customer to take the to a club where they will receive a percentage of what he spends there

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