77-year-old man arrested for stealing money from shrine donation box


Police in Yokohama on Sunday arrested a 77-year-old man on suspicion of stealing 1,500 yen from a wooden box for monetary donations at a shrine in June.

According to police, the man, of no fixed address, said he came from Okinawa, Sankei Shimbun. Police said that on the night of June 30, he put glue on the end of a one-meter-long thin rod and lowered it into the donation box at a shrine in Sakae Ward, so money would stick to it. He was able to steal 1,500 yen, police said.

The shrine reported several similar thefts each month, and visitors to the shrine said they had seen the same man peering into the collection box many times. Police installed a surveillance camera which showed the suspect at the collection box again on Sept 26.

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Look, all the coins were thrown away, unwanted by their former owners.

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So society will donate to a box but not to a man? Strange.

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Classic case of police having too much time on their hands for trivial things and way less time for the real stuff.

Even if their stealth operation was necessary, a stern warning and a "we are watching you" would suffice.

And even more appropriate would be considering the mans circumstances and seeing what could be done to enable him to live out his life with meaning, care and safety.

Arresting him serves no-ones purpose except making the police records fatter.

If he really wanted to enter jail then I assume he would have acted out crimes in a more noticeable way for early capture.

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Time for food banks to be set up, at least the homeless would have one less thing to worry about

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Just for future reference, when pilfering petty sums from a major corporation such as a temple, make the rounds of all the temples so you don't raise suspicion.

77, homeless, hungry, and the temple gets all that cash tax free; maybe they can surrender a few coins?

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The shrines and temples in this country are only about money and contribute almost

nothing to society like helping the poor like we see with the western religions,

if the guy hadn't helped himself, the money would have ended up with some Mama in a high scaled

Snack bar or the living allowance of some mistress that the obosan was seeing 

Religious institutions are exempt from paying taxes has they are not business but shrine

openly use their grounds as parking lots and make lots of money, the tax office knows but 

they just turn a blind eye.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

The shrine have no heart. the homeless would certainly go to prison to eat and sleep. his strategy was good!

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I feel pity for the old fella, 77 and homeless. If some keen journalist is out their I hope they scoop up his story and make a book and a movie out of his life. and showcase the issues that caused him to arrive at this condition in life.

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Alternatively, he could have approached the shrine custodial owner to ask for a job; he could guard the donation box!

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I can see where he's coming from, when you don't have a single penny or yen to your name 1500 Yen is a fortune! its easy for us to sit at our computers criticising his actions, but were the ones not on skid row! it might be more profitable to sit near the entrance to the shrine with a cardboard sign saying homeless donations please.

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Will the religious shrine management have mercy and forgive this man like the Bishop of Digne forgave Jean Valjean for stealing the candlesticks in Le Miserables? I hope so.

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How did he get all the way to Yokohama from Okinawa if he had no money?

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I'm close with the family who runs the shrine adjacent to our house. One night, I noticed a man trying to break into the tithing box, so I went to notify her, and she said, "There's seldom any money in the box, but the box itself is valuable."

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There is a guy near my business in town who does this every morning. I see him when walking my dog. His clothes are bad and his 1LK is opposite so I know his lifestyle. He looks poor and miserable. His garbage bin consists of pot noodle, coffee and sports newspapers. No alcohol waste.

i think he probably lives on ¥1000 a day from the local shrines. Local shrine nearby charges ¥1800 tax free for day parking.

i feel sorry for the old geezer.

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Might of done this on purpose to just to get caught and get sent to jail, (free meals and a roof)

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Things are getting bad in in the neighborhood. At least he stole it from donation box not from someone's house.

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Another desperate victim of the failed pension system.

17 ( +18 / -1 )

is it worth stealing 1.500 yen for being arrested?? To me ,NO



-5 ( +3 / -8 )

Being homeless and having no job and then being arrested is not the solution to this guy’s problem...

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You really have to stoop so low to even begin considering stealing from places of worship. But then again, we're in for some hard times

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Despite what some people claim, things aren’t so bad in Japan.

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You know things are getting worse when nearly 80-year olds are resorting to petty street crime.

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