77-year-old man arrested over wife’s murder


Police in Sakado, Saitama Prefecture, have arrested a 77-year-old man on suspicion of killing his ailing 78-year-old wife at their home.

According to police, Masao Kobata was arrested after a caregiver visited his home at around 2 p.m. on Tuesday and discovered his wife, Hisae, dead on the bed, Sankei Shimbun reported. 

Police said Kobata, who was charged with killing his wife on Wednesday, told them he strangled Hisae because he was stressed out from looking after her.

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Stressed out from looking after her? So then you decide to murder your wife?

Another sorry excuse for someone killing another.

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he strangled Hisae because he was stressed out from looking after her.

I saw the headline and KNEW this was the reason without even readint the story. Why is this such a common reason for killing your elderly spouse? What happend to the years you guys were together?

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Is Death with Dignity available in Japan?

If I was a terminal person, I would rather have the injections and die peacefully than labor others for years.

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Another day, another familial murder.

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