79-year-old man arrested for disposal of brother's corpse


Police said Tuesday they have arrested a 79-year-old man over the unauthorized disposal of his brother's corpse in Gunma Prefecture.

According to police, the body of a 71-year-old Nagano man was discovered in a mountain forest in Tsumagoi on Aug 22. The man's brother, with whom he lived, was questioned by police and told investigators that he didn't have enough money for a funeral ceremony, so he dumped his brother's body in the forest, TBS reported.

Police said the dead man had been ill and bedridden since early August before passing away on Aug 21.

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he should have buried him in his backyard

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It shows a bad point of the infrastructure of a country when you can't even afford to die. A sad failing of the Japanese pension and health insurance system.

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Should have delivered him to a hospital emergency room.

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If a man failed to take care of his own funeral plans and expenses, and the relative charged with his care wants to bury him in the mountains, why not give him permission and call it a day?

4 ( +4 / -0 )

@AlternativeUniverse - I'm with you on that as long as old fella makes sure his brother doesn't scare the sh1t out of hikers

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