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79-year-old man arrested over wife’s murder


Police in Kobe have arrested a 79-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing his 81-year-old wife to death.

According to police, Tokikazu Sakae is accused of stabbing his wife Motoko in the neck and chest with a knife inside their vehicle parked along a municipal road in Nishi Ward at around 11:10 p.m. on Wednesday, Sankei Shimbun reported. A male passerby noticed a woman collapsed on the road and called 110.

Motoko was rushed to the hospital in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, but pronounced dead on arrival. Sakae was still in the car, in the driver's seat, when police arrived. A blood-stained knife was also retrieved from the car.

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Another day, another brutal murder of a spouse or a family member. I wonder what the excuse is this time.

No excuse justifies such a heinous, vicious murder.

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Another day, another one.

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A blood-blood-stained knife was also retrieved from the car.

Sorry mods, I think there may be an extra blood there.

Moderator: Yes, thank you It has been fixed.

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and why is a 79 yr old still driving a car?

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But by no means confined to our host nation.

and why is a 79 yr old still driving a car?

Why not?

If one is capable and has passed the test, that should be enough.

Not sure what it had to do with the murder, mind.

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But by no means confined to our host nation.

IMO highly rhetorical

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According to the Yomiuri newspaper, the suspect says 「殺してやろうと思って刺した」 "I wanted to kill her and decided to stub her."

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