8 arrested in case linked to 'Luffy' group robberies across Japan


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Probably those people really like particular anime.

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How does this criminal mastermind know that his victims have such stashes of cash and gold? Especially if he is in the Philippines? Unfortunately someone is working with him to inform on these people. Also, I had to laugh when the 8 members who signed up for this work on the dark site, meaning they were looking for something criminal, then state they were afraid to leave for fear of punishment. They knew what they were doing!

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You don’t need to be in the Philippines to acquire a Philippine registered phone number.

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ah, the stickily named ‘Luffy robberies’. A story with a bite that every household in Japan can gossip over for the next few months.

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These criminals should be tried and hung. Don't dally with this scum!

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The punishment for breaking and entering is now death? Which futuristic movie is this idea from?

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This Luffy is probably in the wind and impossible to find.

The whole thing showed a ton of crazy things and how unprepared people were to deal with modern crime groups like this.

The dudes they caught deserve life though. Murder including near dozen robberies and physical assaults against the elderly? We don’t need these guys. Sadly Japan likes to be leanient against young men who say sorry so I suspect some of them will get a slap on the wrist so “it doesn’t ruin their career prospects in the future” or something

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How does this criminal mastermind know that his victims have such stashes of cash and gold? 

a show that was on the TV the other day had a dodgy guy with a blurred face going through a spreadsheat type list on his computer with potential 'hits' and how many assets each of them had, in what form etc. the data was probably stolen from bank or credit card databases - some kind of hacking group

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