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80-year-old man arrested over bedridden wife’s murder


Police in Osaka have arrested an 80-year-old man on suspicion of killing his bedridden 72-year-old wife at their home.

According to police, Seiji Amano has admitted to strangling his wife Toyoko at around 8:20 a.m. on Sunday at their apartment in Tsurumi Ward, Sankei Shimbun reported. Amano called police about 10 minutes later and said he had killed his wife.

Police quoted Amano as saying he was worn out from looking after his wife.

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What is it in the Japanese culture that makes so many grannies kill family members?

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so sad to hear, a 80 years old man took care a 72 years old bedridden wife. can government provide some type of help? i feel sorry for both of them.

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Because of societal dynamics, these kinds of incidents are going to keep happending. Tradition has not kept pace with the modern Japan. Traditionally, the elderly would stay at home and there would be several individuals--children, grandchildren, etc.--to help provide care. Caring for a bedridden individual is beyond exhausting and they are not always pleasant to deal with. Now, fewer children live with their parents, or only one does, and that is not enough to provide such intensive care. For an 80 year old to be able to provide round the clock care for a bedridden person is extraordinarily taxing. There is a good social system that does its best to monitor the elderly, but the reality of the modern world is that more of them need to go into a facility where they will get the kind of care they need. The old stay-at-home paradigm just does not fit modern Japan.

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@Justin Case

Theres more than just culture and economics at play. Medical science has increased our lifespans immensely in the last two centuries. The whole “children taking care of their parents” thing worked in ages passed because (as uncouth as this may sound) the children wouldn’t be taking care of their parents for long. The parents would die in their sixties or so, so an adult child might only need to care for an invalid parent for 10 or so years. Now, children might have to care for adult parents for decades before nature takes its course.

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