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80-year-old man gets suspended sentence for killing 85-year-old wife who had dementia


The Tokyo District Court has sentenced an 80-year-old man to three years in prison, suspended for five years, for killing his 85-year-old wife last year.

According to the indictment, Tomosada Yoshida strangled his wife Setsuko with an electric appliance cord as she slept in her bed sometime on Oct 1, 2023, TV Asahi reported. Yoshida admitted to killing wife, who was visually impaired and suffered from dementia.

Yoshida testified that his wife had been getting violent toward him in the months prior to her death as he tried to look after her and that he couldn’t take it anymore. The couple lived alone and Yoshida had been his wife’s caregiver since 2016.

During the trial, Yoshida said: "When we first got together, I never imagined something like this would happen. After I put Setsuko to rest, I thought I would kill myself. Now, I just feel sorrow.”

The presiding judge said, "You took on the burden of providing care for your wife out of a desire not to burden others of your family. Without realizing it, you built up fatigue and exhaustion. It is appropriate that you should reflect deeply on your actions and continue to mourn the victim.”

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More homes and care needed in Japan....and a public, Govt. funded campaign to speak about this.

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Dementia extremely hard for all concerned. Carers could really use all support available. When your loved one loses their mind.....

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I have a lot of sympathy for the man but to not go to prison for murder does seem a little strange.

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Yes it’s murder but damn…the guy is 80 years old. I’m sure that this man will go to his grave knowing he killed his wife is punishment enough.

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