81-year-old woman arrested after decaying body of husband found at home


Police in Gifu city on Sunday arrested an 81-year-old woman on suspicion of abandoning the body of her 79-year-old husband after his decaying body was found at their home.

According to police, a local welfare center official visited the house at around 5 p.m. on Saturday afternoon to check up on the couple, Fuji TV reported. He met Ichie Shiotani but she told him her husband Kunio could not see him. The official later contacted police who went to the house and found Kunio's remains.

Police said the corpse was in a tatami mat room. They said there were no external signs of injury on the body.

Police said Ichie told them her husband died of natural causes.

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As usual, not nearly enough information to judge either way. As shocking as the situation is with someone keeping a corpse in their home, its equally shocking to me how callously people let their bias be their guide in a near black hole of information.

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Unbelievable. All these bleeding hearts sticking up for her! 

Right? Stupid compassion and empathy!!!

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Disgusting, probably collecting benefits in his name.

Which she would still be able to legally collect, after reporting his death. It's called "bereavement pension", and is given to the widows of pensioners. They just need to apply for it.

It's more likely that she couldn't afford a funeral, or she is suffering from dementia, or possibly a combination of both.

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Dont understand leaving your husband in a room to rot. Sick and insane to say the least.

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She must need help. I hope the police have the compassion to get help for her if she needs it. It's obvious she has problems. The police should start by assuming that she is innocent and try to help her. If they discover otherwise they can deal with that as necessary.

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Unbelievable. All these bleeding hearts sticking up for her! She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Not even a shred of respect for the man that supported her most of her adult life. Let her off? Unbelievable.

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At 81 she may have dementia and as we age we lose our sense of smell so I would give her the benefit of the doubt at this stage. She may also worry that reporting the death will lead to a huge cost for a funeral and loss of paltry pension benefits. I would keep in mind that at 81 there is absolutely no way to recover financially like a younger person.

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Disgusting, probably collecting benefits in his name.

What's disgusting is the inhumanity of the posts. There isn't much to go lest jump to the many accusations and assumptions. Perhaps a closer look does not lie with the victim whom got arrested. It is about survival and not intentional, come on at 81 yrs old, taken into custodial care vs arrest is more reasonable. Have some compassion as a human for others in this case until you have all the facts vs blurting out hurtful posts. Come on Mods, where is your compassion. Only one post lays a path towards a root cause, a system that cares for the elderly when they have no source of support.

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81 years old, hmm, maybe she was just too overwhelmed by his death, especially if she was on her own without the emotional support of any sons or daughters.

I hope the authorities take it easy on the old woman.

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Whatever the reason, you'd think the stench would be nauseating. As for myself, the very site of death and/or a dead body would spook me - I'd want it out of my sight. But that's just my life experiences talking.

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Still at 81 she’s thinking of nothing but the money. Living with a rotting corpse just to get a few bucks, sickening. She should be locked up

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Out of LOVE, Out of Luck, and out of $$, so let the life time partner rotten.

-9 ( +1 / -10 )

It's all about $$$$.

So many times I heard of these digusting stories, it seem to be common here.

Something must be done to counter this syndrome.

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Disgusting, probably collecting benefits in his name.

-11 ( +8 / -19 )

I never got how the people who do this deal with the odor and putrefaction of a corpse. Never got it. As for the news, I'd say arresting her is useless, a waste of the resources that could be offered.

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