82-year-old man arrested for killing bedridden wife at home


Police in Tokyo have arrested an 82-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 79-year-old bedridden wife at their home in Shinagawa Ward.

Tetsuya Kobayashi is accused of strangling his wife, Miho, while she was asleep on Wednesday morning, Sankei Shimbun reported. Kobayashi called 110 at around 7:55 a.m. said he had killed his wife. When police arrived, they found Miho lying unconscious in her bed. She was taken to hospital where she was confirmed dead.

Kobayashi was quoted by police as saying he was tired of being his wife’s caregiver and used his hands and a belt to strangle her.

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Um... Sounds like nursing care problems are big challenges especially for aged couples. Rest in peace.

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Mr. Kobayashi, I am sure she took good care of you for a half-century - cooking, cleaning, raising your children, managing your household finances so you could be the bread-winner. A few years of taking care of her should be a fair exchange, unless you are a selfish loser who never appreciated what she did for you.

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Very sad. Where is the support for elderly caregivers, for that matter where is the support for carers.

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Wow. Difficult times.

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Kobayashi was quoted by police as saying he was tired of being his wife’s caregiver

I came here just to see the reason why he did it because I knew this was the reason! I've said it before and I'll say it again, when the old takes care of the old, this will always be the outcome either way.

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I've given Mrs. Grebe strict instructions that if ever I end up like this, she's to give me a mouthful of sleeping pills, a bottle of brandy and clamp a pillow over my face.

She agreed a little too readily for my comfort...

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Mr. Grebe .... too funny. Happy Friday

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