82-year-old man with dementia killed by 'stressed out’ wife


Police in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, have arrested a 77-year-old woman on suspicion of killing her 82-year-old husband.

According to police, Sumiko Noto has admitted to strangling her husband Yukiyoshi with an extension cord at their home on Oct 20, Fuji TV reported. She was quoted by police as saying she was stressed out from looking after her husband who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. She told police she also wanted to die.

The couple’s eldest son discovered his father’s body lying face up on his bed when he visited his parents’ home on Oct 21 and called 119.

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Another brutal murder with the excuse they were stressed out.

No way I would ever think of strangling to death someone I've spent so many of my years with and loved. There are far, far more humane ways of dealing with these things. No sympathies from me.

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I don't agree with murder as the solution, but I do have sympathy for that poor woman's situation prior to the murder. There are no easy answers for someone like her. If it were me, I might admit him to the hospital for something, sell the house, empty the bank accounts, max out the credit cards, move away, and change my name. Making him someone else's responsibility is better than choking him to death.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

Another full time career flips out and kills the partner he/she is caring for. The J-Gov really needs to give these thousands of people sone support and respite from ailing relatives. I’ve known many people in this situation in Japan and they all say the sane thing, “I’m just waiting for hem to die so I can get my life back.”

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Unless someone has dealt with first-hand for years and toll it takes to care for a person suffering from dementia, cannot know until they experience it first-hand then proceed to comment.

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Folks as I have been saying for many years here, THIS is HOW the J-govt IS dealing with the elderly........leaving them on their own & waiting to see what happens.

We have all read these articles for decades, nothing much is being done & spouses will sadly continue to kill each other as they both are leading dismal frustrating lives

At some point this is going to start happening to some of us posters as we age.

My MIL should have been looking for an assisted living situation from about 10yrs ago, I am so sick of having this conversation with my wife & here useless brother, they have just let it fester, MIL is not doing well(FIL died many years ago of cancer), the wife knows it but time just passes nothing being done, I dread what the next few years will likely bring & being about 600km away makes it very difficult to do anything on short notice.

Basically these sad stories will be with us non-stop from here on in for decades as the elderly pass or get KILLED!

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No comments on ethics here but I’m pretty sure I would want my wife to do the same thing than have to take the burden of caring after a man who used to be her husband and is now a walking vegetable

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Why didn't she let her son know she was at the end of her rope?

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I can totally sympathise with this woman, ( except for killing him) there was an old guy who lived up our street some years ago, and one day his car would not run, so I fixed it for him, in this Process he accused me of damaging his car, ten minute later he asked me who I was, and then he offered me a cup of tea, that didn't turn up on that freezing morning, then three cups turned up, this was punctuated by who are you and what are you doing to my car? I felt so sorry for his long suffering wife who put up/endured this for many years as it only got worse, I was lucky I only had to put up with it for two hours, Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease, I do feel for her, but for her she needed help, not a jail sentence.

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Jailing a 77 year old. Hmmm, how does that make any sense? And how is she going to function in jail?

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Would she really have had the strength to do this all by herself? Even someone with Alzheimers could still struggle from self-preservation when choking or being asphyxiated, but it sounds too neat and clean that the son found him face up in bed the next day.

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There is no support here in Japan for the elderly they are entirely on their own, unless they have their own funds and or have family to help them out.

No one condones murder, however, people with dementia can be incredibly strong and violent and so until you have walked a mile in this woman's shoes do not judge.

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