84-year-old woman arrested over murder of 59-year-old son


Police in Seto, Aichi Prefecture, have arrested an 84-year-old woman on suspicion of killing her 59-year-old son at their home.

According to police, Mariko Kobayashi called 110 at around 11:25 p.m. Sunday and said she had killed her son, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police rushed to the apartment and found the the woman’s son, Yoichi, unconscious after having been strangled with with an electric appliance cord. He was taken to hospital where he died early Monday morning.

Police said Kobayashi has admitted to the charge and quoted her as saying she strangled her son at around 10:30 p.m. after he passed out from drinking in the living room. She told police he had lost his job and had been drinking heavily recently. She said they quarreled a lot and she couldn't cope with it anymore.

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If momma ain't happy ...

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Seems more and more domestic tragedies of this kind happening recently. What's the reason for all this?

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Well, when you are 59 years old, jobless, an argumentative drunk and still living with your mother, I guess it's fair to say he was pretty much useless to her anyway. Wonder if they're going to make an 84-year-old woman do hard time?

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How could she not get institutionalized after this? A son's drinking and financial problems can't be the only thing wrong. There's some crazy too...

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These domestic tragedies have been going non-stop for the last 30years at least, this is nothing new, cases increasing is all, more coverage, expect  LOT more for the next 30years or so, then might start tapering off, its a demographic thing

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After all that she has done, and to her own child, I doubt Life means much to her at this point... sad what this place can make us do to each other...

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"She told police he had lost his job and had been drinking heavily recently. She said they quarreled a lot and she couldn't cope with it anymore."

what no fixed income, and slumming, on mammy...I take you out.

Japanese dont have the change job, change location, as freely in other countries opportunity. Loose a Job could me "that's it" They are typically stuck in a Job on the tiny archipelago, with heavy documentation, and if fired it makes it worse- unless they have the rare connections; but more strained with today's economic plight and environment health risk... I knew a guy in Malaysia who change Jobs 8 times with no problem, and moved 4 times as well, they much more freedom of movement.

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Many adults around the globe live with their elderly parent(s) to help take care of them. Apparently this is not ok with some here, regardless of the particulars with this case.

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In Japan if you dont have any income, you cant take care of anything, that's why there are so many homeless these days in Japan.

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@moonwatcher; the difference here is that the kids expect the parents to take care of them, mentally, physically, and financially. Everyone I know in the states living with parents is to take care of the parent(s), not the other way around.

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She said they quarreled a lot and she couldn't cope with it anymore.

Here's an idea! I mean call me crazy, but a 59 year old should have money saved up to take care of himself so.......kick him the blankety blank out!

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