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85-year-old woman found dead at home


Police in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, said Saturday they are investigating the murder of an 85-year-old woman who was found dead in her home.

According to police, Yasuko Komatsu was found lying on the floor in the hallway near the front door of her home at around 7 p.m. Friday, NHK reported. The victim lived alone, police said, adding that her son found the body when he came to visit her after not being able to contact her.

Police said an autopsy revealed that Komatsu had been beaten about the head with a blunt object. Several rooms in the house had been ransacked, police said.

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This is extremely sad and extremely disturbing. Why on earth did she have to be killed. Even if someone ransacks a house (I do not condone this), why do they have to kill?????

This is an extreme shock because I thought Japan just like neighboring Taiwan was among the safest countries in the world. Something needs to be done in order for these types of incidents to cease for eternity.

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Once a country that was known as a relatively safe place all of the sudden crime is skyrocketing

No it's not. You clearly haven't looked at the crime numbers. Crime is not skyrocketing in Japan.

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Unfortunately you hear stories like this in japan on a daily basis now!

You'd almost think it's a country with 125 million people or something...

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Larr Flint

Once a country that was known as a relatively safe place all of the sudden crime is skyrocketing, what is happening Japan?

It is still a safe country. Do you expect the media about the millions people who had another uneventful day? There are many places where a single murder would not even cause a local headline, not to mention national news.

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