9 injured after car plows into pedestrians in southwestern Japan


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Don’t tell me: he confused the accelerator with the brake?

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Let me guess. From the aftermarket wheels, speeding, and looking at a smart phone? Or a sudden illness? A simple lack of attention would not take him right across the road, surely. Horrible shock for the poor pedestrians, but luckily they all survived.

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It should be mandatory for people over 65 to drive cars with collision alert systems and autonomous emergency braking. It's going to be necessary in Japan's future.

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The prefectural police arrested the driver, 66-year-old Susumu Nakamura, on suspicion of causing injury through negligent driving in the accident that was reported around 8:15 a.m. He was released for treatment after being arrested.

That driver just to young to be considered senior driver in Japan. Bright day light 8:15 am just too early to make an excuse that the road was dark.

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Hope everyone is coping ok.

Lucky noone was killed.

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That is the first kei car that I have seen with that little damage to it after all that it hit.

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They need to crackdown on people using their phones while driving. That might not have been the cause, but you really do see it all the time.

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The m very glad that no one was killed

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I'll speculate like everybody else: he had to veer off the road to avoid a sudden bolt of lightning.

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I dont know about ither countries, but drivers here are getting worse and worse. And it isnt limited to the elderly like some may think. Just this afternoon i was going to pick one of the kids up from nursery, as i walked over the school crossing, a twenty something year old came zooming right into the crossing, on his phone of course. He stopped centimeters from me, but only because i was vigilant and knew he wasnt looking. I made some filthy gestures and carried on. I can only imagine what woukd have happened if it had been some kids crossing. This happens at least once or twice a week in our area.

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car plows into pedestrians 

Was this a self-driving car?

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Daihatsu Copen Recaro Edition (First generation L880; 2002) 'The name "Kopen" was a combination of kei class car, and "open" for convertible roadster. The spelling was changed from "k" to "c" for "convertible".

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Apparently he has told the police that he has absolutely no recall of the accident. Sounds like a physical lapse of some kind.

(One of the questions they asked when I renewed my license was if I had ever involuntarily lost consciousness in the previous five years. I guess some people take medicine to cover for various problems.)

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