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9 Japanese car parts makers to plead guilty in price-fixing case


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Japanese companies and price-fixing in the same sentence? Naaaaa... Impossible... [/surprised face]

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They have to learn that this is not something they can export.

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Everyone's a crook,except you and me, and I'm not too sure about you.

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Who ultimately benefits from these fines? Does it go to people who paid too much, or is it now just government revenue? Just wondering...

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@kumibo: US Govt collect these fines. That is why US accepted (encouraged?) plea bargain.

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And whats funny here is that if you take a minute to compare prices of the same car sold in the USA VS. Japan, japanese pay on average 25% more for the same car as Americans do. Random selection.i.e Toyota FJ Cruiser same make and model same stock features. USA PRICE$27'130 (MSRP)in Yen 261万JAPAN315万 [($32'498 US dollars) MSRP]It makes no sense!!! Compare any car sold in Japan even japanese brand and its gar more expensive in japan to have. So even with the price fixing its still cheaper but eill get xheaper still in the West and make wonder how japanese can be so oblivious to this problem.

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