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914 child mistreatment cases reported at nurseries in April-December 2022


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And imagine how many didnt get into official statistics.

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windowdress to "take action to prevent incidents that could cause children physical or psychological harm."

a... possible...contributor, to the number of jookies and jay jays running rampant, with pappy Ed 209s in tow.

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"A total of 914 child mistreatment cases were reported at nurseries nationwide"


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That’s where it all starts. “The nail that stands up must be hammered down.” No doubt all these cases of abuse came about from little kids being little kids and failing to conform by expressing their individuality.

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This is a serious problem, and one that exposes a double edged sword of sorts as the root cause. Children raised during the pandemic are essentially socially inept spoiled brats who can't function in a group environment. Sad, true, but can't blame China for everything. Nurseries will be be blamed, but they get no real support from the government. Instead they have to jump thru governmental hoops and all sorts of red tape but get no real support or assistance. Due to countless limitations and rules, nurseries can't afford to pay staff well. The result is employing underpaid staff of questionable talent. A formula for disaster. A while back, in Fukuoka, a Canadian teacher made international news by beating a child. Clearly, this problem is not only a Japanese problem, but a Canadian one as well. I pray that the children will be safe.

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Hate the thought, buuuuut. . . . Cameras in nursery schools so parents can see everything. I have small kids. You hurt them. I hurt you.

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It would be interesting to know if Tokyo has the biggest number because that is statistically where there are more nurseries/daycare or if there are other reasons.

I noticed most of the daycares in Tokyo don't have a playground so children will stay inside (sometimes in small areas) all day long, especially if the weather is bad. If you imagine a group of 20 kids or more inside the whole day, this would drive everybody crazy, both kids and teachers....

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It seems as if these employees don't need to be certified or licensed, which is ludicrous considering the way so many minor professions here need certification/licensing. (Same for senior center caregivers.)

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With the forced masking of children over the last few years, I would say the abuse is much larger than that number.

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I bet most of the perpetrators were basically losers who couldn't find another job. People who get into early childcare for the love of children don't do this sort of thing.

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Hate the thought, buuuuut. . . . Cameras in nursery schools so parents can see everything. I have small kids. You hurt them. I hurt you.

This is one though fully support because last year we got a call from the daycare saying a 3 year old boy bit my 1yr 7month old on her arm and they took her to the clinic. She for a high fever from it because he broke her skin and got some kind of bacteria. The school PROTECTED that boy and didn't tell us who it was. fast forrward ot a month later she got bit on her cheek by "a boy". We were furious again because they wouldn't tell us who did it. I asked if they can put cameras so we can occasionally chime in throughout the day to see how she is doing and they shut that down like bad credit at VISA.

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