94-year-old woman strangled to death; grandson commits suicide


Police in Osaka, investigating the Jan 7 murder of a 94-year-old woman, said Tuesday that the victim's 37-year-old grandson apparently committed suicide on Sunday.

According to police, Tsuyako Nigorisawa was found strangled in her apartment in Toyonaka Ward on Jan 7. Her grandson, Hiroshi Tsutsusaki, who lived with her, went missing. TV Asahi reported that on Sunday, Tsutsusaki committed suicide by jumping off a platform in front of a train at JR Kakogawa station.

Police said they had retrieved Tsutsusaki's smartphone which he had left in the apartment. On it, they found various messages to his grandmother including, "I'm so sorry."

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What an so many levels.

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Was the message sent before and after he killed her. If it was before what was he "so sorry" about that he had to kill her? How selfish can a person be to not only kill themselves but to take someone else out with them? It does seem that murder-suicide cases have been on the rise lately.

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He didn't miss his train at least

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Offwithyourarrogance, that's so inappropriate.

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There is so little detail to this story that it's hard to comment, but it sounds like one of those cases of a family with three or more generations living in the same house and the guy just snapped. He knew he was wrong, so he killed himself after. Unforgivable on all levels. Even if his grandmother was intolerable to live with, there ARE alternatives to murder.

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I keep asking hard is to walk up at social services (if any at your local municipality or township) and stress your cry for help when in complete disarray ??

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There are so many things that are impossible for humans to do......why is murdering not one of them?

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