Abe shooter's mother donated ¥100 mil to Unification Church, man's uncle says


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These "so-called" religions that take advantage of the gullible should be outlawed....

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‘Mr Kipling’….when you say ‘so called’ I assume you mean all religions because all religions take advantage of the gullible and should be outlawed.

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The Unification Church is an evil organization that brainwashes it's guillible followers into giving up all their assets to the church. Why is something like this not illegal in every country in the world?

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Be mad at your mother. Abe didn't drag her to the bank and force her to empty out her savings.

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Abe shooter's mother donated ¥100 mil to Unification Church, man's uncle says

Every post office, public service announcement and train station poster warns seniors of dark, shadowy figures waiting to scam them out of their savings.

Yet these have tax exemption and government connections.

And will remain unconfronted as the LDP moves forward with constitutional reform.

It show you where the legal and political priorities lie.

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A series of complaints were reported in the past, claiming the church forced people to buy expensive pots and seals.

The reason why nothing came of these complaints, despite the church being involved in flagrantly illegal behavior, is that the church has been protected by the LDP, including Abe, most likely in exchange for providing them with votes and unpaid campaign workers.

The mainstream media is trying to make it seem like the shooter only targeted Abe because of his grandfather and that there is no direct connection between Abe himself and the church, but anyone who wants to do their own research can find out the truth.

Japanese tabloid calls Abe's 2019 Cabinet the "Cult Cabinet" for containing TWELVE members associated with the Unification Church:

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Yes!... But especially those that offer salvation for cash. Though anyone stupid enough to fall for that doesn't get a great deal of sympathy from me.

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¥100 million if true is a very large amount of money for anyone. The number of church members who are voters is very small. The church claims a membership of about 600,000 across the country.

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My ex’s mother gave these people ridiculous amounts of money.

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That’s nothing specific to this sect or ‘church’. In fact they without exemptions all only try to sell spirituality for material things and most liked is the money of the believers. They are nothing else than sales staff, but surely not devoted believers. They haven’t of course neither met their god nor could they ever present it to you, and they never will.

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The reason these religions enjoy their tax exempt status and have numerous government connections in the G7 capitalist "democracies ' is because as was well said they are 'the opiate of the people '.

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They aren't outlawed due to the fact that US and Jpn lawmakers are glad to work together with them.

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What did the Unification Church promised Yamagami's mother for her donations...eternal life?

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Religions need to be banned. Too many lives being ruined by them.

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OK. Explains it. Was wondering if he was a total looney. Donations like that, especially for very iffy religions, should be illegal and probably would be if there weren't some dodgy deals done behind closed doors. Karma?

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That religious organization really needs to be investigated. They are at fault here for Abe's death as well, IMO.

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Wow ok, that quite a donation. Then she went bankrupt. Genius tax evasion.

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There was no tax invasion by the mother. Life insurance and property sales. She is a double victim of the church and the actions of her son.

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The leaders of this abject sect should join Yamayagi san in jail.

As for him, more than one kid facing such a terrible childhood would become mentally unstable. Pitty he could not benefit from counseling. Unfortunately we know how mental health support is underdeveloped in Japan.

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My jaw sagged reading the headline. That's a lot of money to drop on an organization....

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Sounds like the culprit thought this through properly. He made his point, and now people are hearing the truth. I wonder if he will get the death penalty. . . I wonder if he cares.

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100 million that would not be available to him as inheritance. Greed was the motive.

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Greed was the motive

They bankrupted his mother, after his father killed himself. They ruined his family. Not greed, revenge

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Brainwashing cult plain and simple. the son has started a new off shoot where they all have AR15 rifles… what could go wrong?

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What does this Unification Church do with all that money?

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His crime for sure made his voice heard. Did the church enquiry if the family was paying college to the youngsters or just made extorsion? I know a guy that went straight inside a temple during a ceremony and started beating all like a horse....didn't went to jail because still had enouf for lawyers.

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Abe has always taken a hard line position against Korea. He and his wife supported the Morimoto's school in Osaka which was clearly racist, especially against Koreans. So why did he support the Korean Moonies? I say Moonies because they should never be associated as a real church or religious organization cause they're not. They're a greedy and dangerous cult. I can only assume that Abe supported them solely for money and votes cause they clearly don't align with his 'political' beliefs. Did he deserve to be assassinated for this? Absolutely not but it brings into question Abe's shady, questionable behavior. Betcha other LDP members aren't that different. If the media in Japan had some guts they would investigate the relationship between the LDP and the Moonies.

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Absolute scumbags these cults should be shut down and their leaders thrown in jail!

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So, Abe’s assassination was not motivated by politics. It was motivated. by religion.

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What did the Unification Church promised Yamagami's mother for her donations...eternal life?

They promised her that her son would receive free food and shelter for the rest of his life.

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MilesTeg - I can only assume that Abe supported them solely for money and votes cause they clearly don't align with his 'political' beliefs. 

The Unification church has always openly supported right wing political causes. The LDP and the UC are in complete alignment regarding ideology.

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This should shed the light on the EVIL work of so many cults that are sucking the life out of so many innocent followers.

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Am I mistaken or has the narrative changed ever so slightly to ..well, not quite sympathy, but understanding of Abe's shooters position? Or maybe putting a portion of the blame on the cult in question? A very tiny portion perhaps?

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Freedom of religion is guaranteed under the constitution as it is in all European countries and America.

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I am hoping Japan will learn something out of this tragedy, and start clamping down on these so called ""churches "" , God is not receiving any of these $$millions instead the scammers at these churches are, and he will always love you Rich or Poor.

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Religions need to be banned. Too many lives being ruined by them

I think the 85% of the world's populace that identifies as religious would disagree with you. And some (wrongfully) might argue for a ban on atheism because as @tokyo_m rightfully pointed out.....

Far more many more lives ruined, even ended, in the countries that tried to ban religion.

Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, etc.

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Another red herring article - stalking and killing a Prime Minister, making zip guns and bombs are not someone to find an excuse for.

What happened to his mom 20 years ago has nothing to do with this domestic terrorist.

Japanese media is just as disappointing as Abe's security detail - this guy is playing them both to his advantage.

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