Anime studio arson-murder suspect undergoes unprecedented skin grafts


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Talk about a conundrum for the doctors and medical staff, saving a man's life, with the realization that he will more than likely face the death penalty after his trial.

They have their oath to uphold, yet it must be a moral dilemma for some as well!

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I have zero sympathy for this bastard who had no problem burning several people to death because his pride was wounded.

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I don’t think the doctors and nurses treating the arson suspect are facing any moral dilemma. There’s a person suffering from life-threatening burns right in front of their eyes and they’re just doing what they can to save his life.

6 ( +10 / -4 )

autogenous skin? Good. He doesnt deserve donated skin. In fact, just keep him alive but make sure it hurts.

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The most important thing, above all, is that he face justice in a court of law, before victims and relatives of victims. The doctors are working towards that end.

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Besides the doctors' "duty" to treat this guy, obviously they are hoping to learn something from his treatment. In that way at least something good can come out of such a monstrous deed. It's still hard to believe someone can do what he did.

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No need for the death penalty – just life imprisonment in a mirrored cell.

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A true living hell. His only hope is to repent.

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Using his body for testing out new medical procedure is a good idea, if it's successful we'll get useful medical data that will help others, and if it fails not so many people will be too broken up about it.

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Who will pay for it?

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Unfortunate that ambulance reached the scene in time to save him, he should have been the last one in the queue. 38 other innocent victims weren't so lucky.

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Words fail. Life can be so grotesque and cruel. Praying that something good will have been learnt.

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Who will pay for it?

In the end, us the taxpayers, and while some may find it disgusting, he has the right to a trial as well.

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I'm sorry....why is this news again?

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burn victims suffer horribly let him rot

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He is a horrible horrible man, not worthy of any sympathy or care at all. His crime will stand for all time as one of the worst in modern times. I am sure the doctors did what they could for him but they were morally right to put the victims ahead of the criminal who tried to kill them.

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Meh, find some old t-shirts or table cloths and wrap him up. He'll be as good as new. Or not.

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He’s a waste of skin.

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Who is paying for this treatment? The only treatment he needs is to be eaten by a pack of wild boar!

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Does the new skin still make him look think skinned and wrinkly (typical lifetime burn look) or will he look as he did before?

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Doctors are sworn to follow the Hippocratic Oath

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