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Land scam group sent Sekisui House payments to multiple accounts


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No way Sekisui looks good coming out of this.

The most charitable explanation is that they were overaggressive and willing to take risks in trying to develop a prime new property.

Less charitable, and probably most likely, is that somebody at the company only saw Yen signs, got sloppy, and didn't do their due diligence. [This person should never be in a management position again, and every Sekisui lawyer involved with this deal should be preparing their resumes now.]

An even worse explanation is that someone at the company was complicit in this criminal arrangement. Unlikely, but this is Japan we are talking about here, and white collar crime is always a possibility.

So which is it? Recklessness? Sloppiness? Law-breaking? Take your pick.

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Sekisui just couldn't believe their luck when a property valued at near $100million was offered for $50million.

And only if a quick sale took place, with the only verifiable identity document of the owner being a passport - fake of course.

The money eyes must have been rolling crazily.

My wife sold some stuff to the 2nd hand shop the other day and the time, paperwork and proof of ID required was amazing - for only ¥1,000.

The Heads heads will surely roll.

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the honchos at sekusui better start stretching their backs because the bows and apologies are gonna be raining down soon.

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5.5 billion yen. The woman that was caught last night had a big smile on her face.

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I used to live near "near JR Gotanda Station" land of yaks and meow houses, and cr@kas in tow.

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"Sekisui House ignored information suggesting the deal was potentially fraudulent" I wonder who spotted that and whether the individual or the team has now been rewarded. The powers that be at SH decided to take a I don't-care-if-something-is-off-about-the-ownership,-I-want-that-land-before-anyone-else-acquires-it stance with the result being a huge loss. So, who owns the land? Is it one of those that the owners or heirs can't be located?

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A large-scale fraud involving a construction company, I wonder if there is any Yakuza connection.

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