Arson suspect arrested after escaping from Nagoya hospital where he was undergoing psychiatric testing


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At least he didn't set fire to the hospital...

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Way to go, guys. When are police and/or the people keeping suspects somewhere going to stop leaving the person alone with a door or window that's, "usually locked but... (we were taking a nap)..."?

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National Hospital Organization Higashi Owari National Hospital 

Interesting, if redundant, name for a hospital.

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He passed the test. Now that the police knows he is quite mentally competent, catch him and throw him to jail

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I'm sure the cops are hot on his trail.

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Make sure to check inside of empty houses, not just check the genkan for shoes.

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Let's see if he makes it on the lam longer than the guy who was hiding out on that island.

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Now just how many cops are going to be called in to catch THIS guy? 20,000? 30,000?

He may be a suspected arsonist, but from it sounds like it was directed towards his ex, and hopefully that means that he won't be setting fires while he is on the run.

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So is this going to be another 3 week manhunt with 6000 plus j-cops?

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Let's see, he was admitted to a mental "hospital" in March in order to analyse his mental competency. And it's now nearly June. And they haven't worked out whether his elevator goes to the top floor yet?

Speaks volumes about the competency of the psychiatric "profession" doesn't it?

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He should have been kept under lock and key with 24h surveillance as soon as he was admitted.

Lets hope he's found and locked up ASAP

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National Hospital Organization Higashi Owari National Hospital *

Interesting, if redundant, name for a hospital.

"国立病院機構 東尾張病院" (Higashi-Owari Hospital of National Hospital Organization)

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Yet again, I have always been led to believe that in Japan a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

He was arrested in February, and has been locked up in a hospital to undergo tests.

Is he being held to determine whether or not he is fit to stand trail, or is he being held to get a confession?

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On the Wed late night news, saw he was found and taken into custody.

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Russian roulette — falsifying inspection reports will get a whole lot of people dead from radiation sickness should a plant failure occur which is inevitable as history has proven if the cooling systems fail.

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> "国立病院機構 東尾張病院" (Higashi-Owari Hospital of National Hospital Organization)

FYI, there is no need to reverse the name of the hospital, when you say or write the official name of the hospital it written and said the same way; 国立病院機構 東尾張病院, kokuritsu byōin kikō higashio wari byōin.

However, the people who use the hospital will just call it Higashi-Owari Hospital.

The begining of the "name" 国立病院機構 (Kokuritsu Byoin Kiko) is used to identify the organization that sanctions the hospital or what group it belongs to. All the "National" hospitals in Japan were semi-privatized a number of years back, and they became the "kiko" or organization.

For example down here in Okinawa the quasi national hospital is called 国立病院機構: 沖縄病院

Besides the "national" hospitals, there are "shiritsu " (City run) "ken ritsu" (prefectural run) and private hospitals which fall under a different "grouping" called a 医療法人Iryō hōjin or "medical corporation".

Private hospitals and clinics are set up that way for tax and reporting reasons.

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Yet again, I have always been led to believe that in Japan a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

Where in the world would you ever get this idea?

If you had wrote, "guilty until proven innocent" then you would be right on the mark.

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