Body found in house of man arrested for watermelon theft


Police in Ora, Gunma Prefecture, said Tuesday they found the mummified remains of a man in a storeroom in the house of the man’s brother after he was arrested for theft.

According to police, the body is the 59-year-old younger brother of 61-year-old man who was arrested for stealing watermelons from a nearby field on Aug 17, Fuji TV reported Tuesday.

Police searched the suspect’s home at around 10 a.m. Monday and found the mummified remains in the closet. The suspect was quoted by police as saying his brother died a long time ago and he put the body in the storeroom.

The two men lived alone, police said, adding they will investigate how the younger brother died.

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I mean, how retarded do you have to be?!

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Well that escalated quickly.

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“the body is the 59-year-old younger brother”

If he died a long time ago his age at death might have been much younger. Perhaps you meant “the younger brother would would now be 59 if he were alive”?

Any word on when the younger brother was last seen?

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Body found in house of man arrested for watermelon theft

Now there's a headline that has never been written before.

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There is something quintessentially Japanese about all this. I mean the mummified body.

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There is almost no crime you can put past a man who'll steal watemelons...

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Watermelon theft is a thing?  Seems like a pretty tough way to make a living of crime.

Or was he just stealing one for his own use?

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