Body of Japanese woman killed in Sri Lanka bombing arrives at Narita


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Completely meaningless death. Too sad for words.

I hope someone will be noble enough to take responsibility.

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I watched CCTV footage of one of the church bombings there. A tall young man with a scruffy beard and a huge backpack walked into a crowded Church during mass and blew himself up

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That's a very poignant photo. I wonder if there are many countries in the world where airport workers would bow like that to the coffin of an ordinary citizen.

I fear for the future that our kids will grow up in.

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Agreed, very respectful of them. RIP to all those killed in this attack.

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It depends where your kids will grow up.

Sometimes we disagree over the isolated, frightened Japanese mindset, sometimes we just want to give them the credit and say they are right about how safe theses islets can be if compared with the rest of the world.

We go to the Sunday mass every weekend without the slightest worry even after so many terrorist attacks around the world.

In rare occasions my wife goes out with her friends until late night (I mean until 22,23h) I don't even need to go pick her up at the station.

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Wow. I love that. As a ground handler I appreciated their gesture so much.

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nandakandamanda : isis took responsibility.

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Japanese police will conduct an autopsy on the body to determine the cause of death and are investigating the attacks.

Show some respect for the dead here please! Isn't it bad enough for the husband and family of this woman to have died in this manner that an autopsy is even necessary? I mean come on now! Outside of the morbid curiosity of the police, what are they going to say? She died of food poisoning?

I find it hilarious, in a truly sad way, that the cops are going to "investigate" the attack. As well.

Do the Japanese police get involved in deaths of all citizens abroad? No, I am sure they don't, it's only because of the bombings that Abe wants to get his finger in the pie and make it look like Japan is "doing something".

This is a sad day for these people, and the government is just making it worse!

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jonathan prin, "nandakandamanda : isis took responsibility."

So if I kill your wife, all I have to do is claim the limelight and free publicity by saying that I did it?

How is that taking responsibility?

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May her soul Rest In Peace .

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Well, the chief dweeb also blew himself up, according to this. Already taken responsibility?

Not if he was hoping to get to the Islam Quarter of Heaven.

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Good her family were able to receive her back, others were less fortunate. Autopsy requires next-of-kin permission.

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NHK on the other hand suggests that the ringleader was expelled to Tamil Nadu in India a couple of years ago and may have been working with IS from there.

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